11 Year Olds Using Facebook, LinkedIn Hacked, And World IPv6 Launch Day

Welcome in to Episode 139 of the Waves of Tech. Tonight we welcome back Dan Fugate (@DanFugate) to the show. He has been a friend of the show since the beginning. He used to co-host Flash Past and he’s back for more! Join the four of us as we venture down the path of the youth using Facebook, LinkedIn getting hacked, and the launch of IPv6.

Guest:  Dan Fugate – Writer, thinker, and sweet tea drinker and social media manager for a Pensacola, FL based advertising agency. At one time, he was a co-host of the podcast “Flash Past.”

Should 11 year olds use Facebook; Poll Results

Facebook as always stuck to their policy of no users under the age of 13. Well, with recent data available out, it’s pretty telling of how effective Facebook’s policy is. Over 7.5 million users on Facebook are under the age of 13, with nearly ⅓ of that being 11 years olds and more than ½ being 12 year olds. And that is only data pointing to those using Facebook with parental knowledge. What are your thoughts on the manner? Should 11, 12, and 13 year olds be using Facebook? Let us know.

LinkedIn hacked; Tool from LastPass

LinkedIn has grown to become the top social media network in the professional setting. We store lots of information regarding our professional lives and professional backgrounds via LinkedIn. All has been well for LinkedIn until this past week. With over 6.5 million accounts being hacked and nearly 200,000 passwords posted online for all to see, it serves as a gentle reminder that security has and always should be a topic of interest and concern for users. We lay out some helpful tips and suggestions as to what to do in case your LinkedIn account was hacked. This discussion is for the casual user, proficient user, and the social media manager types. What other helpful hints can you add to the conversation?

IPv6 launched today; Search Land SEO; Video

Sometimes we forget how critically important IP addresses are to connectivity to the Internet. Sounds basic right? Well upon the launch of IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6), we know have plenty of IPs to go around….at least for a while. As the mobile device market continues to grow and as the desktop usage market falls, the IPv6 reality becomes every so apparent. Check out this segment of the show for a well constructed layout of what IPv6 is and why we are soon enough moving on from IPv4. Trust us, it impacts you more than you think.


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