2016 Tech Resolutions And Atlanta Takes Top Prize

Atlanta Takes Top PrizeOn Episode 289 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into our final show in 2015 with our good friend and special guest Rick Limpert.  We kick off the show with a discussion about big data and how people from around the United States are using it to promote change.  The winner of a national competition resides in Atlanta and came to some amazing conclusions using big data.  Our top discussions in 2015 included drones and Amazon, so we follow up with talks on drone registration and Amazon being named the biggest retailer overtaking WalMart.  And finally, we each list our 2016 tech resolutions!  It’s a new year so make a tech resolution today.  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech

Atlantan wins first place in AT&T’s ‘Data for Diplomas’ contest

We know big data talks.  When collected, processed, and analyzed, big data produces interesting and complex answers.  Smart businesses and executives are using data to make marketing and financial decisions.  Outside of big business, AT&T sponsored a competition asking people to produce results from their analysis of big data.  The winner, Linda Roesch of Atlanta, crunched 18 social, economic, and policy factors that affect local schools and correlated the factors to graduation rates and then built a predictive model as a result.  This begs the question and a discussion of how big data is being used, how it’s being used, and why we need to continue analyzing data.

FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft Registration Begins Dec. 21

Recreational drone use and drone delivery was a hot topic in 2015, without question.  With numerous incidents associated with drones interfering with emergency efforts, aircraft, and amusement parks, the FAA has developed rules and a new drone registry.  The registry was announced by the FAA earlier this year and is now available as of December 21st.  Drone users that meet certain criteria must now registry.  This will produce a database that the FAA can use to enforce and implement sanctions and fines against those that choose to skirt FAA drone regulations.  As the debate continues to grow, we are positive that 2016 will carry it’s own interesting drone stories.

Amazon overtakes Wal-Mart as biggest retailer

A once only e-book retailer, Amazon continues to impress with record numbers and sales.  The company has been rewarded with recognition as the world’s largest retailer, surpassing the mega big box store WalMart.  Amazon has truly become the first stop for the majority of online shoppers and, for many, the single place for all their Christmas shopping.  The online retail giant has also changed the marketing and discount retail game.  Brick and mortar stores are now competing with Amazon to price mark, slash in-store products, and provide online order with in-store pickup.  Amazon has changed the face of retail.

2016 tech resolutions

Many believe and many do not believe in making New Year’s resolutions.  We offer hear the same old tired resolutions so let’s change the conversation and make some tech resolutions.  It seems to a collective idea to stay off the cell phone more, be more aware of our surroundings, be involved in the moment rather than living vicariously through social media, and be respectful to family and friends with in their company.  In addition, we are looking to cut back on the 1st generation tech purchases.  We also discuss developing more secure password and migrating websites from one hosting company to another.

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