2018 Technology Review With 2019 Predictions

On Episode 427 of the Waves of Tech, we are recapping an incredible year in technology.  The tech industry brought about a number of changes in 2018, specifically in the entertainment, mobile, cloud computing, and smart home corners of the technology sector.  The year brought about a new level of hacking and data breaching, along with plenty of space travel and augmented reality to go around. And of course, what is a recap of last year if we didn’t throw out some predictions for 2019.  Next year may serve as a launching pad for a few specific industries, but technology will fall short in some areas as well. We share our thoughts on all things tech for this year and next. Waves of Tech is powered by modernlife.network – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride..the Waves of Tech.

2018 Technology Year in Review

Well 2018 came and went, but it did not disappoint.  Week after week, we brought you the tech news and notes that made headlines and shared other stories that were not talked about by many.  We know we probably missed a few stories during our recap, but with so much to recap it was hard to remember it all. Here are some brief stories and talking points from 2018.

  • Data hacks galore, week after week
  • Big business acquisitions – video, video, video
  • Ups & downs of cryptocurrency & bitcoin
  • Equifax debacle
  • Augmented Reality grows
  • Smart home integration
  • WiFi enabled everything
  • Space travel – SpaceShip 2, Mars InSight, Tesla Rocketman
  • Paul Allen passing and the significance
  • Self driving cars, success and failure
  • AI learning & companies

2019 Predictions for Technology

Of course, what is a review show if you don’t have 2019 predictions to share.  Last year taught us a lot about where the mobile, on-demand video, entertainment, and other various industries are heading.  So what does 2019 have in store? We offer up some ideas around data protection, cloud services, and what not to expect in the coming months.

  • No changes in privacy legislation coming
  • What is the next big game changer in technology?
  • Netflix in movie theaters
  • 5G connectivity gains some edge in industry
  • What about cloud computing?
  • Amazon surpasses Apple

Highlighted Episodes from 2018

InSight Lands on Mars

IBM Acquires Red Hat

Paul Allen Passes

Private Moon Travel

Autonomous Vehicle Partnership

5G Goes Live in USA

AT&T Time Warner Merger

Spectre and Meltdown Explained

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