3D Printing And The Danger Of Online Pharmacies

Welcome in to the latest and greatest Waves of Tech episode. We dedicate each show to discussing and explaining how technology is changing the landscape of our lives. This week we discuss the issues of manufacturing guns out of 3D printing technology, the unsafe practice of utilizing online pharmacies for discount medicine purchases, and reliving the importance of the 30-year old compact disc. Join the conversation at thewavesoftech.com by leaving a comment or question about the show. We would love to hear from those that keep this network running.

Programming note:  Due to technical issues there is no video version this week.


3D Printing – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Waves of Tech has always enjoyed innovation and ingenuity in the realm of technology.  3D Printing is one of those innovations. Back on Waves of Tech 118, we talked a little about Makerbot. Well, now we have engineers using 3D printing technology to manufacture functioning guns out of plastic. The crew lays out some inherent implications of manufacturing guns out of your basement, your dining room table, or your office. With the readily available technology of 3D printing, it’s time to come to some conclusions on what is acceptable and what is not.

Online Pharmacies: Only 3% meet Federal standards

Healthcare and technology have a very strong connection. A bad connection that exists is that only 3% of online pharmacies meet state and federal standards for selling prescription drugs. The Internet provides consumers with instant access to information and services, including online pharmacies for prescription medicines. The crew describes the risks of purchasing medicines online, steps to take to protect yourself from fraudulent medicines, and why you need to share this information with friends and family.

Compact disc turns 30.  What’s its importance?

In October of 1982, the first commercial CD was released in Japan.  Billy Joel’s “52nd Street” wins the award for that. In the 30 years since, hundreds of billions of CDs have been sold. The CD market revolutionized the music industry through the 80s and 90s. The CD continued to revolutionize the tech industry through mass production of software, games, content, and material. Join our conversation as we relive the history, relevance, and importance of the 30-year old compact disc.

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