Rebecca Olson Executive Director of 59 Days of Code

On Episode 414 of The Waves of Tech, we are speaking with Rebecca Olson – Executive Director of 59 Days of Code.  59 Days of Code is based in Fresno, California and envisions a community and city using technology for good by finding solutions to local issues.  The nonprofit is creating a community that uses technology to create more sustainable, richer, and efficient ways of conducting business and resolving problems.  The main highlight is their expo, dubbed #thecompetition, which throws developers, designers, and entrepreneurs against each other. We dive into the origins, the now, and the future of the nonprofit as they look to expand and create a new environment to live and work.  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

59 Days of Code

We had the privilege of sitting down with Rebecca Olson, Executive Director of 59 Days of Code – a nonprofit for the growth of the technology industry and community in the San Joaquin Valley.  Based out of Fresno, California, Rebecca and her team are finding solutions to local community issues by using technology.  Essentially, the nonprofit is providing an opportunity to use technology for good.

From their website – “59DaysOfCode is here to lead a new revolution, one where our community takes over the world.  Our ragged band of developers, students, companies, and communities will now use our power for good. To create new geeks out of those individuals on the fringes of society.  To change the way we do business so that life is more sustainable, richer, efficient. To keep investing in our people and giving power back to you. Because you are the ones who will change the world.”

We chat about to origins of the nonprofit and #thecompetition – the largest technology competition in the Central Valley.  The expo assimilated over 250 students, created 25 businesses, handed out over $80,000 in prizes, and discovered over 400 developers.  It continues to grow year after year. The expo pits competitors against each other and a formal judging panel determines the winner based on four criteria – technology (code), design, business & marketing, and impact.

From their website – “59DaysOfCode’s #thecompetition returns to pit the best developers, designers, and entrepreneurs against one another in a giant geek-tastic battle. We start with the Kickoff Event, followed by almost two months of frenzied typing and clicking, and end with the Expo, a huge showcase where the entries are judged, juried, and declared (for those lucky few), winners. And yes, of course there are amazing prizes.”

We dive into the catalyst of the nonprofit and the future goals to expand beyond the borders of the city limits.  Rebecca shares the positive influence the nonprofit is having in the community, both in terms of reaching students and reaching a new community of supporters and sponsors.

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