5G Heads to USA, Apple Faces iPhone Ban, Live Streaming of Uber & Lyft Passengers

On Episode 409 of The Waves of Tech, we are discussing topics that matter to you in the technology industry.  AT&T is bringing 5G Evolution to 12 United States cities after testing in specific markets for 7 months. 5G brings 10 times the capacity of 4G and offers capacity to fuel virtual reality and autonomous vehicle innovation.  The Indian government is mandating the use of a spam-filtering app on all networks because users are facing major spamming issue the past three years. Apple has until January 2019 to comply by offering the app to users or they must leave the Indian market.  An Uber/Lyft driver live streamed his rideshare experiences with his Twitch channel leading to a major debate in the industry to the legal, moral, and ethical use of video in today’s technology space. Lastly, the results are in from Prime Day 2018. Amazon set a number of new records selling over 100 million products.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

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5G Evolution Hitting USA Markets

In January we reported AT&T was testing their 5G technology in specific cities across the United States, strategically working with large, medium, and small sized enterprise and some residential locations.  Now the telecom giant is rolling 5G to 12 USA cities including Charlotte, Raleigh, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and more.

  • ‘5G Evolution’ is 10x faster than the current 4G LTE technology output
  • This leads to greater capacity in the network to carry the heavier bandwidth technology
  • Powering virtual reality, 4K video, the Internet of Things, and autonomous vehicles
  • University staff in Finland are already working on 6G technology at the moment

Indian Government May Ban iPhone Over Anti Spam App

The smartphone market in India has a major spam messaging and spam calling problem with residents receiving between 10 -20 spam items on average daily.  The Indian government developed a “Do Not Disturb” app that would eliminate the issue. Apple has refused to allow it into the App Store on privacy grounds because it accesses a user’s call and message records.

  • The government has now made the app a mandated accessible app to users
  • Apple needs to determine if they want to be a part of the growing smartphone market
  • Google has allowed users to download and use the app since 2016
  • Apple and its carriers were given a January 2019 deadline to comply

Lyft & Uber Driver Live Streams Passengers

Well this is just awkward.  A Missouri Lyft/Uber driver was live streaming his travels to his Twitch channel without receiving consent from his passengers and used the experience to “capture the natural interactions between myself and the passengers.”  The companies have separated themselves from the driver by ending their partnerships. Damage control can now start.

  • The debate over the privacy of rideshare passengers is back in the news now
  • Not only are there legal implications, but what about ethical and moral questions
  • Individuals must be notified and consent to recording and live streaming
  • In the world of video, many don’t see the ethical and moral consequences of use

2018 Amazon Prime Day Results

Prime Day is always a success with Amazon capitalizing on the e-commerce thirst of buyers and the buyers securing massive deals on products and services.  Initial reports are showing the day as the most successful event to date. Amazon has estimated the 100 million products were sold with many of Amazon’s products (Echo Dot, Cam Cloud, FireStick TV, Echo Show).

  • Amazon put a major focus on their line of products and services this year
  • Despite some of the Amazon Web Services issues and outages, the day was profitable
  • Industry analysts anticipate at least $3.6 billion of revenue funneled to Amazon
  • Target announces record breaking online traffic and sales during Prime Day

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