A Very COVID Holiday

On Episode 515 of the Waves of Tech, we are chatting about Peloton, AT&T, CES 2021, and the holidays. Peloton has acquired Precor for around $420 million, which will expand the capacity and manufacturing of in-home cycling equipment to meet the growing demand from Peloton users. After years of failure with making DirecTV viable, AT&T is looking to shed the service from their books as they seek bids to take over the cable offerings. As most 2021 conferences are heading, CES will be an all-digital event featuring plenty of executives and hundreds of tracks for attendees. With the holidays days and weeks away, Zoom and other video conferencing services are confident they can meet the online demand as families and friends shift to gathering online to celebrate with one another.

Peloton Expanding Services & Capacity

Since the coronavirus has forced many away from brick and mortar health and fitness centers, the industry is experiencing exponential growth in terms of in-home wellness. Peloton, the very popular at-home cycling company, has purchased Precor to expand supply chain capacity and manufacturing to meet the immediate demand of their customer base.

  • Precor also offers up their networked fitness and line of connected solutions products
  • Peloton has projected nearly 22 million paid customers at end of first quarter 2021
  • Speedier fabrication and delivery of new units with the help from Precor is the focus
  • The at-home health and wellness services are jockeying for the eyes of customers

Trying to Shed DirecTV Off the Books

Back in 2015, we dissected all the pros and cons of AT&T’s $46 billion acquisition of DirecTV, and we stand by our analysis of it being one of the worst decisions in technology and entertainment history. 5 years and a loss of 8 million customers later, AT&T is looking to rid their books of DirecTV and shed some other owned properties in the process.

  • The current bid for the declining service is around $15 billion, well below purchase price
  • Crunchyroll & Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment gaming are on the selling block
  • To limit financial loss, AT&T is limiting discounts to new and all existing customers
  • The purchase and rollout with AT&T is epically and historically bad on all counts

CES 2021 Goes Digital

Las Vegas, the home of CES for several years, will not see the usual crowd of tech enthusiasts, corporate executives, and press fill their streets and the halls of the convention center. It is of no surprise that CES has been planning and organizing an all digital event this year. However, their event boasts a great lineup of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

  • Keynotes from CEOs of General Motors, Best Buy, Hive, Geenie, WarnerMedia, Snap
  • Tracks include the evolution of home fitness, robotics, sports tech, and education
  • Exhibitors will utilize a digital directory for registrants to visit and view products
  • CES has signed on various singers and songwriters to perform throughout event

A Very COVID Holiday

As the winter and New Year’s holidays approach, many are taking the safe route this season and avoiding the family gathering to protect themselves and their loved ones. This means that platforms like Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meets, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Messenger will be flooded with demand as people connect online to celebrate and gather.

  • Zoom dropped 40-min limit for Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s
  • They are confident they can meet the bandwidth demand for their customers
  • Remember that other options exist that may be more suited to your family’s needs
  • More lockdowns and stay at home orders will push the limits of these services

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