Advertising Differences Between Old And New Media

Waves of Tech 168 is here!!! We are back with a new show and new topics to discuss. The battle between the traditional, older media model versus the new media concept is always interesting to talk about amongst techies. Advertising in the new media model is quite different. Join us as we venture down the path of new media.

Traditional media outlets (giants like ABC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC) seem to have countless advertisers lining up to sell their products. A viewer may see 10 to 12 products or services advertised in a half hour broadcast television show or network debate forum. These media giants reap the financial benefits from companies selling law services, pharmaceutical products, and more. In the new media model, listeners may or may not deal with the advertisements in the same way they would in old media. Listeners can simply hit “Stop” or “End” and turn away from the podcast, vid-cast, or broadcast all together if they believe the product being advertised is no authentic to the show, the host, or the mission of the content. We share our thoughts on old media and new media in depth in this podcast and would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Head to and throw down your thoughts in the comment boxes, hit us up on Twitter @NetCastStudio, or email your thoughts. Enjoy while you ride….. The Waves of Tech.


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