Airbnb Public Filing And Apple Hits $2 Trillion Valuation

On Episode 502 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into a variety of technology topics. Airbnb has officially filed paperwork in the United States to become a publicly traded company amidst a global public health crisis. Apple is the first domestic based corporation to hit a $2 trillion valuation, thanks in major part to their surge in services and subscription revenues. Back in 2005, Apple and the US government secretly teamed up to redesign an iPod to be used as a device to detect radioactive materials. Finally, the sunset of Internet Explorer after 25 years is upon us as Microsoft is moving away from the original browser to Edge.

Airbnb Files with SEC for Public Trading

Amongst the turmoil of the public health crisis around the world, Airbnb has decided to take the leap and file their S-1 documents with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The popular travel booking site has not released details regarding the cost per share or how many shares will be available for public acquisition but is expected soon.

  • After millions of refunds and cancellations, Airbnb are making a slight comeback
  • The influx of investment monies should prove beneficial as travelling picks up
  • Wall Street Journal is valuing the corporation at nearly $17 billion right now
  • We will learn the exact financial situation of Airbnb once documents become public

Apple Hits $2 Trillion Valuation

It was a mere 24 months ago when it was announced the popular Silicon Valley giant hit the valuation mark of $1 trillion, and we thought it would be years before another major milestone. With their influx of cash during lockdown and thanks to their continued revenue stream associated with their services industry, Apple reached the $2 trillion mark in short order.

  • The Verge stated that revenues related to services are booming and it’s just starting
  • Services are changing the way Apple grows and it supports their hardware decisions
  • Apple is planning a subscription bundle in October for music, fitness, news, and TV
  • Recent attacks on Apple’s App Store developer revenues continue to make headlines

Secret Government iPod from 2005

Well, this is quite interesting! News broke this week, after confirmation from former software engineers on Twitter, that Apple, the United States government, and a private contractor worked in tandem to build a secret iPod. The rumored use was for an iPod with modified source codes and operating system to sniff out radioactive materials and nuclear weapons.

  • Only four people inside of Apple’s walls knew about the project, a dark secret
  • Copies of source code was passed by means of a DVD, never leaving the building
  • No paper trail exists for the project so confirmation had to come from former employees
  • Apple has not provided comment to multiple inquiries after the Twitter announcement

Internet Explorer Sunsets

After a 25-year run, Internet Explorer is finally seeing the sunset. IE, as it will forever be called by users, entered the technological industry in August 1995. It is well known that Microsoft only dedicated 6 employees to develop the initial browsing technology, and it quickly became a very important element of the operating system and set the stage for the future.

  • A famous antitrust investigation ensued as it had market dominance for years
  • Several programs and applications still run on the legacy Explorer browser
  • Customers will soon learn that only Edge will connect to Office365 services
  • If you haven’t tried the latest version of Edge, give it a shot as it might surprise you

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