AirDrop Prank Goes Very Wrong

On Episode 539 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into a bit of random tech stories. A terrible AirDrop prank went very wrong when a teenager decided to share photos of an airsoft gun to those with open AirDrop functionality enabled. Wildfires are devastating the western state, yet there are several fire behavior computer modeling programs out there assisting fire managers with data and information. Technology has changed the way the summer Olympics games are both played and covered from equipment design and camera quality to biometric data and player performance.

AirDrop Prank Goes Very Wrong

Place this topic in the column of things never to do on an airplane. A teenager decided it would be funny to use their AirDrop function and share photos of an airsoft gun to fellow passengers on a United Airlines flight. Airline staff, out of an abundance of caution, deboarded the plane and security eventually determined no true threat existed. The teenager was banned from the flight. No reports have surfaced as to the FAA’s sanction for the teen prankster.

Fighting Wildfires with Technology

The western states of the USA are significantly impacted by wildfires for nearly three months out of the year. With new fire behavior computer modeling, fire managers and officials are using these tools to be more proactive in preventing large wildfire spread. Firefighters can also overlay modeling information on high-quality topography maps that can aid in firefighting decisions. In addition, a network of over 800 cameras with artificial intelligence software spread over three western states provide real time visuals on possible trouble areas.

How Olympics Technology Has Shifted

Year by year the Olympics experience, both for athletes in competition and viewers at home, has been transformed by technology. Some of the first Olympic games were focused on using still photography and film to view sporting events and analyze player performance. Recently, equipment design (shoes, swimsuits, bows) have been influenced by tech manufacturing. Biometric data is now being captured in real time for archers and presented to viewers. And of course, all the broadcasting of nearly 10,000 hours of coverage is complemented with over 1,000 high definition cameras and some 3,500 microphones.


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