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This week on the Waves of Tech, John Hanlon joins the crew as a special guest. John has been a huge supporter of the Network and is big into social media, tech, and politics. You might call John a Google Fanatic. He loves Google products, the Android OS, and many of the services Google offers. Tune in to this week’s episode as we talk about all things Google….and more Google…and more Google.

Show Notes

Google Background: Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford while pursuing their computer science PHD’s. Larry Page developed the PR algorithm, thus called Page Rank. In 1999, Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins invested $25 million into the then struggling company. Both investment firms insisted on bringing in a business executive branch to the company. Thus, the beginning.

1. Dave, Steve, and John breakdown which Google products and service used:

Google voice, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Listen, Android OS, Search, Webmaster tools, Analytics, Feedburner, Google places, AdWords, Google Reader, YouTube, Google Buzz, and Google Wave

2. Larry Page taking over as CEO of Google. Eric Schmidt stepping aside.

A change in leadership has occurred at Google before and it is occurring again. We breakdown what the move means internally and externally for the company and lend our thoughts to the cultural climate Google has implemented.

3. Android Mark online OTA app downloads. In-app purchases.

Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb, is set to be used on a variety a tablets including the Motorola Xoom and LG G-Slate. This move is in direct competition to what Apple and the iPad has offered in the tablet market.

4. Competition for iTunes? Google Music, Spotify Making Launch Strides

Steve and Dave have often criticized Google for overstepping their boundaries in respect to their core functions and duties as a tech company. Well, Google is trying to tap into the music industry by creating Spotify. Again, Google seems to be doing everything they can to compete with Apple. We discuss.

5. Google Speak2Tweet Voicemail For Egypt While Internet Shut Down

Google, Twitter, and SayNow teamed up in an unprecedented manner in giving a voice to the Egyptian people when their own government has taken it away. Google impresses the three of us because they prove themselves as a humanistic company and not simply a box-and-deploy tech company.

6. It might be fun to go through a few of these if there’s time

John breaks down what Google calls their “Easter Eggs.” These are small hoaxes and gags that Google pulls off every year. We have some fun with these.

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