AM Radio, Watson and Windows Phone 7

AM Radio, Twitter clean, Apple’s share, Watson and Windows Phone 7

Show Notes

1. Dave’s death-grip on AM Radio

For Dave, nothing is better than sitting back and tuning the radio to a good AM Station and listening to some sports talk or sports broadcasting. There is something organic about live broadcasting without all the visual effects (the images, graphs, camera angles, sideline reporting, etc). Mikee relates it to listening to vinyl records and Steve remembers the good ole’ days.

2. Cleaning up your Twitter feed: How often do you?

Twitter can be very overwhelming sometimes. Follow this person, they tweet to much, they don’t tweet enough, their tweets are off topic, and the list could go on. With so many interests, your feed can get inundated with content. We talk about cleaning up your Twitter feed. How frequently do you clean it up or have you ever?

3. Could it be the end of Kindle, Hulu and Netflix apps?

Apple is asking for its 30%, a 30% that should have been charged from the onset of the App Store. Steve outlines the impact to some bigtime app getters such as Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon. Basically, Apple is enforcing a terms and conditions policy that they have ignored for some time and it could spell trouble for some content providers. Listen in.

4. AT&T CEO Whines About App Store
AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson absolutely blasted the App Store in a presentation at Mobile World Congress. He criticized the closed, restricted nature of the App Store and wants to create an open channel of products and apps. The crew has a suggestion for CEO Stephenson….tune in and find out.

5. Nokia and Microsoft WP7. What does it mean for you?

Mikee provides a good background and story to the partnership of Nokia & Microsoft WP7. There are plenty of various to factor in to this partnership: control over the WP7 OS, international strategy, phone model options, and personnel turnover. You have an opinion? Let us know.

6. IBM’s Watson beats Jeopardy champions in first round
If would seem that nobody could beat the likes of Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, two brilliant contestants on Jeopardy. Well, finally Watson beat the guys. Who is Watson? An IBM computer designed to be those interesting IBMers. Check out the link and read up on what Watson has done.

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