Amazon And The US Postal Service Team Up

On this week’s episode of The Waves of Tech, Amazon and the US Postal Service team up for an unprecedented agreement to begin delivering Amazon packages on Sundays!  In our Tech TidBits, we discuss the downfall of Blockbuster as they set the stage for closing over 300 stores nationwide and talk about Netflix inking another big deal with Marvel Comics.  Enjoy the Episode 201 and continue to ride… The Waves of Tech!

Veterans Day

In honor of Veteran’s Day, don’t forget to say Thank You to a veteran, not only today but everyday of the year.  Without these servicemen and women, we would have nothing.

Awards & NMX

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It’s over:  When Dish purchased Blockbuster for $234M a few years ago, it had plans to revitalize the once booming home entertainment company.  Well, things have not worked as planned.  Blockbuster plans to close nearly 300 stores nationwide, leaving only 50 franchised stores open and operating.  The company’s failure in due part to the major success of instant streaming (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon).

Another Big Netflix Deal

Netflix continues to ink major deals in the entertainment business.  With major success from their locally produced House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Netflix is set to produce 4 series in 2015 based on Marvel Comic superheroes.  This is a clear money maker for Netflix as it is set to capture the comic/superhero and Disney cultures (and their money) within the next few years.

Quarter-Bin Podcast

Our good friend Professor Alan, find his work at Relatively Geeky Podcast, is starting a new podcast.  Listen to the promo and check out his work.

Amazon Starts Delivery With Partnership With USPS

The mail has never been delivered on Sunday.  There is something about that thought that seems a bit…un-American…if that was to occur.  The thought of an obviously struggling federal agency, both in terms of finances and image, adding another day of delivery is ridiculous.  Now, enter in Amazon.  The powerhouse online seller has contracted with the USPS to deliver their products, and only their products, on Sunday.  Amazon prides itself on selection, low prices, and speed.  With the addition of Sunday delivery, that variable of speed just became stronger.  This week, we talk about the contract between Amazon and the USPS, what it means in terms of revenue, what is means for Amazon users, and what it means for other parcel-shipping based companies.  Follow the links below for some more information.


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