Amazon Buys Twitch And Selfies With Stolen Phones

This week on the Waves of Tech 234, we touch on the trending tech topics of the week by talking about National Podcast Day (@ntlpodcastday), taking selfies with stolen phones, Amazon buying Twitch, Royal Caribbean buying 40,000 tablets, and wearable technologies stats.  We know, that’s a lot of content to get to but we do in only 30 minutes!  Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Podcast Movement & National Podcast Day
Steve had the privilege of attending Podcast Movement in Dallas this year. This first-year event brought much of the podcasting community together and was a great time. While there, Steve was honored to announce National Podcast Day (#podcastday). The official National Podcast Day website is launching September 1st, with September 30th being the day of celebration. Follow the event on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter. More details to come…

To selfie or not to seflie
One day your laying in bed taking a selfie with your significant other, and the next day police are looking for you. Could you imagine the strange feeling? That happened to a couple in California. Their aunt had purchased iPhones from a swap meet and later found out they had been stolen. Thanks to iCloud, the owner was able to send the pictures of the selfie takers and retrieve their property.

Amazon to buy Twitch
Twitch is massive, no questioning that. The live-streaming gaming service has an enormous following and millions of unique hits. Most impressive, the service shows that users on average spend 106 minutes per day using Twitch. This is Amazon’s prime avenue for entering the gamin market, a position in which they have been weak in for many years. At $970M, this is the most expensive acquisition the e-commerce giant has made. Hear our thoughts on the topic.

Royal Caribbean
What’s a cruise ship without 40,000 new Microsoft tablets? Royal Caribbean is planning the first “smart ship” with robotic arms for making drinks and high-speed WiFi. The tablets will be in the hands of the employees, to make the cruising experience more efficient and enjoyable for their clients. This move by Royal Caribbean is hoping to attract a new bread of travelers – those obsessed with tech and don’t want to leave it behind while on vacation.

Wearable Tech stats
Smart wearable tech devices are gaining traction in the market, but how long to users wear them before abandoning them? Recent stats show that 34% of wearable tech owners drop the use of their devices within 6-12 months. There are a host of variables at play here as to why this is happening – loss of fitness motivation, lack of diversity in looks of wearable tech, not fashionable products, and more.

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