Amazon Buys WholeFoods, Tech Leaders to DC and Email Migration

On Episode 359 of The Waves of Tech, it is all about unpacking and breaking down Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in cash.  Amazon is now directly positioned to heavily influence the grocery and market industry by owning nearly 500 brick-and-mortar grocery stores.  Amazon may immediately look to introduce integration with their distribution channels and offer up delivery services for fresh foods and produce.  Amazon has tinkered with highly automated store fronts, which means less jobs and a new look and feel to the stores.  We are all anxious to see how the shopping experience will be transformed and whether that means lower prices at the checkout counter.  We conclude the podcast by discussing the tech leaders that went to Washington D.C. to consider cybersecurity, failing infrastructure, and future tech trends and by sharing our stories of how a recent email migration went.  Thanks for tuning in!  The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Amazon Buying Whole Foods

The big news of the week and the item we discuss in depth is Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in cash.  We spend 30 minutes unpacking the purchase because their are so many details surrounding the future of Whole Foods and the brick-and-mortar grocery industry.  This is the first time we’ve witnessed an e-commerce based company truly influence the grocery buying business.  In the end, the ultimate question is this – Does this purchase transform the grocery shopping experience by adding new features and benefits to the customer?

  • The deal caused a loss of $21.7 billion in market share in other grocery market chains
  • Amazon will now have access to almost 500 grocery stores across the United States
  • With distribution access already in place, look for transformation in the industry
  • Integration with Amazon services, delivery of groceries will be the next step
  • Amazon has a storefront to sell and promote their in-home electronic devices
  • Amazon tried unsuccessfully for 10 years to figure out the grocery delivery business
  • Could this mean more automation in stores and less jobs growth in the future
  • Amazon may enter the pharmaceutical business as an expanded business opportunity
  • In contrast, Amazon known for discounts and Whole Foods known for higher prices
  • For customers, does this mean lower prices and more features?

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Tech Leaders to Washington, DC

Several CEOs and technology leaders from across the United States flew into Washington, D.C. this week to join in a think-tank, brainstorming session with the White House’s Office of American Innovation.

  • The group tackled cybersecurity, failing infrastructure, and future trends in tech
  • Focus on using private industry’s creativity to solidify the government’s tech problems
  • Bezos called on the federal government to take advantage of commercial technology
  • Cook suggested Washington make coding a requirement in schools
  • Major focus was the need for strong encryption to protect privacy and how immigration will spur the US economy

GroupWise Office365 Migration

After a week of tinkering and massaging, Dave’s migration at work from Novell GroupWise to Office365 is nearly complete.  We share our stories of migration, including what went wrong, how we fixed it, how users reacted, and what is still left to do.  Migrations are never easy and always comes with a few hiccups along the way, but patience and being willing to ask IT for guidance and assistance makes the process just that much easier.

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