Amazon Care on the Rise

On Episode 526 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into a few technology topics that you will find interesting. Amazon is actively expanding their telehealth footprint with a larger rollout of Amazon Care, offering virtual chats and in-home visits to employees by chosen medical providers. T-Mobile is already shutting down their live television services after only a mere five months of offering the package to their customer base. After the Threat Analysis Group of Google discovered a major and actively exploited vulnerability in Apple’s iOS, an emergency security update was released with patches.

Amazon Care on the Rise

Over the last 18 months, Amazon has been conducting a pilot launch of Amazon Care, which provides a variety of telehealth options to their Washington State-based workforce. With success from the rollout, Amazon Care is set to be offered to a select number of United State companies. The telehealth market could be in for a shakeup if Amazon hits the mark.

  • Care provides virtual chat and video visits with professional medical providers
  • Plans for in-home visits for blood work, COVID testing, nutrition consulting, flu shots
  • Amazon plans to couple Care with their pharmaceutical delivery services
  • All this news against the background of unionization in Amazon warehouses

T-Mobile Shuts Down Their TV Service

In the tech industry, you are always learning something new and finding out about services that you didn’t know existed. In this case, we had no idea that T-Mobile, about five months ago, launched their own live television service – TVision Live, Live PLus, and Live Zone. In a news announcement, T-Mobile is now partnering with YouTube TV and Philo for the service.

  • All three bundles will be shut down on April 29, closing the window on the concept
  • T-Mobile is giving one free month of YouTub eTV to those who signed up previously
  • The CEO openly admits that the company learned a lot about the TV industry recently
  • They plan to leverage their strong 5G network as an advantage to draw consumers

Apple Issues Emergency Update

In an unusual event but desperately needed effort, Apple released an emergency security update to patch a serious vulnerability found in their operating systems. Any immediate information about the reasoning for the update was not disclosed. Apple historically does not discuss or confirm security issues until the investigation is complete and patches are available.

  • Updates are now available for iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS and should be installed
  • Google’s Threat Analysis Group discover the vulnerability and shared with Apple
  • Reports were that the vulnerability was actively being exploited (phishing sites)
  • Be sure to spread the word to those with Apple devices as it is critically important

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