Amazon Cargo Hub And Super Bowl Drones

On Episode 341 of The Waves of Tech, we cover a range of interesting topics for you this week.  We dissect Amazon’s move to build a $1.5 billion USA-based cargo hub to control the entire delivery process.  The popular movie site IMDB is shutting down their Message Boards because the experience is no longer useful and positive.  Another sign of hateful and pointless speech taking over and control a quality website.  Lady Gaga and Intel teamed up for the Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show, using 300 drones to wow viewers and demonstrate the brilliant use of drones.  Finally, the FCC is blocking companies from providing discounted internet access to low-income families and school districts.  Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the podcast and continue to ride..the waves of tech.

Amazon is building a $1.5 billion USA-based cargo hub in Kentucky in an attempt to control the entire transportation, shipping, and logistics branch.  Amazon plans to bring 2,000 new jobs to the northern Kentucky project, securing a partnership with the State and the Governor.

  • Amazon entered into agreements to lease 40 dedicated Prime Air cargo planes
  • Amazon will gradually take more control over the entire process of delivery
  • Gradual elimination of middleman costs associated with FedEx, UPS, and other partners
  • Shipping is still to Number 1 prohibitive cost to Amazon and its Prime offers

Hateful and pointless online commentary has reared its ugly head again forcing IMDB to shut down their popular Message Boards.  The movie-focused website with 250 million monthly users can no longer sustain a positive and useful experience because of trolls.

  • Controlling message boards are difficult, controlling trolling is even more difficult
  • Shutting down boards is another sign of hateful speech ruining online conversation
  • Message boards were a great way to connect editors, fans, and the movie community
  • The message boards will be permanently disabled on February 20

Drones at the Super Bowl halftime show!  Lady Gaga and Intel teamed up to bring a tech-focused artistic performance to the millions that tuned into Super Bowl 51.  Here are some details if you missed out.

  • Nobody actually saw Lady Gaga’s drones, as the segment was pre-recorded by producers
  • Over 300 Intel Shooting Stars drones formed the shape of an American flag in the sky
  • FAA rules did not allow for drone flight around the stadium during game play
  • Check out Intel’s tweet showing the drones returning to ground after filming

The Federal Lifeline Program has been around since 1985 and offers low-income families and students with a discounted internet access rate.  The FCC is reconsidering this program offer and blocking 9 companies from providing low-income internet access.  Kajeet, a mobile broadband company scheduled to lose funding, works with over 300 school districts in 41 states and Washington D.C. to provide students with internet if they don’t have it at home.

  • About five million households with school age children don’t have internet access at home
  • Internet access is crucial for employment, educational growth, and family resources
  • Participating households earn a $9.25 per month credit to be use for internet access
  • Providing internet access is critical for schools and students for success and growth
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