Amazon’s Early Black Friday and Quality Customer Services

Amazon Black FridayOn Episode 284 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the latest Google Play Music news, Amazon’s Black Friday, and great customer service.  Google Play Music made headlines this week by announcing the future incorporation of podcasts into their platform, a much needed addition to the family.  Amazon announced that Black Friday-like deals are now available to their customers, with loads of tech, toy, and gaming deals.  Amazon continues to shine in customer service and we tell our personal story.  With that, Hello Customer is a new podcast about delivering extraordinary customer experience.  Be sure to check it out.  And finally, Dave took a trip to Disneyland and shares his tech takeaways from the magical amusement park.  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride the waves of tech.

Google Play Music
To say Google made the podcasting industry happy this week is a slight understatement.  The moment Google announced that Play Music would be incorporating podcasts into their platform, podcasters took to Twitter to share the news, create tutorial videos, and submit their individual podcasts.  This is a positive step in reaching new podcast listeners by incorporating podcasts into a native app on Android.  This also provides content creators the opportunity to place their podcasts on another platform, with the hopes of reaching a new audience.

Amazon Black Friday three weeks early
Yep, we knew it would happen but wasn’t sure when.  Black Friday is getting started earlier and earlier each year.  2015 marks a new record as Amazon Black Friday deals three weeks before the actual date.  Amazon is offering thousands of amazing deals from tech gadgets, gaming items, toys for children, home improvement tools, and much more.  The e-commerce giant primes for a massive holiday shopping season with this news.  Prime members, pay attention!  Several thousands deals will be available for you before non-Prime members the week of Black Friday.

Amazon Experience
Customer service is a growing issue in the tech industry – both from the good side and bad side.  Automation systems are disconnecting customers with the company, yet web chat and instant messaging is a growing positive trend in the business.  Amazon, the class of e-commerce businesses in service, does it again for us.  Steve shares his story of picking up a new recorder for the network, sending it back, and the amazing speed of Amazon’s systems.  With these refreshing stories of customer success and dedication to their users, Amazon proves their customer service dominance with the story.

Hello Customer – Customer Service Podcast
Hello Customer, a podcast about delivering extraordinary customer experience, is hosted by Espree Devora.  Espree is well known for her energy and passion.  Dave Jackson once called her “the firecracker of the podcasting industry!”  Her newest podcast focuses on what companies are doing in culture, development, and values to bring amazing customer experiences to their customer base and creating brand loyalty.  Definitely take the time to check out the podcast. There is so much value and so many takeaways in this podcast.

Disneyland Tech Stories
Dave and Anaya visited Disneyland for a weekend adventure!  And of course, Dave is always on the lookout for his tech takeaways.  This trip, he dissects the benefits of the official Disneyland app and how the app can help you maximize your trip to the magical kingdom.

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