Amazon Echo Demo and Technology Ergonomics

We have some great topics on this week’s installment of The Waves of Tech!  A few weeks ago we brought you information about Amazon’s Echo.  On the show, we conduct a live demonstration for you all!  We also dive into the new technologies incorporating into the live music experience.   We celebrate and discuss the 60th birthday of the B-52, a priceless gem of the United States armed services.  Ending the show, we stand up for technology and tell you why tech isn’t the only element to blame in the ergonomic battle.  Enjoy the ride and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

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Live Music Technologies
In 1976, Steve and Debbie attended a live music event to see the one and only…Fleetwood Mac.  As time progressed, they never had the opportunity to attend another Fleetwood Mac performance.  Fast forward to 2014 and the door was opened.  Fleetwood Mac was playing in LA and the tickets were purchased.  Listen in as Steve explains the different technological experience spanning from a concert event from 1976 to the present.

Amazon Echo
A couple shows ago, we explored the idea and concept behind Amazon’s Echo, the latest in in-home entertainment and voice recognition.  Since Steve purchased one over the holiday weekend, we thought it would be cool to do a live demonstration of Echo on the show!  Whether you wish to use Echo for music, podcasts, education, or politics, it’s a fun device to have in the home and a fun experience to share with friends and family.

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B-52 Turns 60
In an age of rapidly developing technology, specifically in the aviation industry, it comes as a surprise to many to hear that the B-52 turned 60-years old this week.  The B-52 is the gem of the armed services for years, being used in several conflicts and wartime events over 6 decades.  The aircraft is responsible to payloads upwards of 70,000 pounds and delivers them with ease.  Hear a bit of history as we celebrate the birthday of an American aircraft classic.

We have noticed a tremendous amount of coverage on the used of technology, specifically cell phones, and the negative impact that use brings to our bodies in terms of ergonomic issues.  These include neck strain, back strain, and spinal issues.  Let’s stand up for tech for a minute here!  Yes, we use our phones a lot and many times in bad posture.  But consider what else in the day in promoting bad ergonomic posture.  We dissect the issue to end the show this week.


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