Amazon Echo And iMessage Deregistration Tool

This week on the Waves of Tech 242, we are talking about the latest Amazon product to hit the digital racks – Echo. Also on the agenda, we dissect the connection and controversy regarding the Home Depot hack and blame being shouldered by Microsoft Windows. We conclude this week’s show with a discussion about deregistering iMessage and mention a conversation we had with a grocery clerk regarding inventory control. We hope you continue to ride, the waves of tech.

Veterans’ Day

To each and every member of the armed services that served overseas and domestically, thank you so much!  Without your dedication, commitment, and courage, we would not be able to sit behind a mic an every week.  Because of you, we enjoy countless freedoms.  And for that, a huge thank you!

Amazon Echo

The new catch phrase will soon be – Alexa.  The latest in voice recognition technology is here and it’s in the form of Amazon Echo.  In essence, Echo is a mobile speaker unit that incorporates far field communication (FFC).  And instead of the technology being incorporated into mobile device, this device is designed to be mobile in the home and on the road.  Be sure to check out the revolutionary product from Amazon: Amazon Echo

Home Depot Hack; Home Depot blames Windows

Nearly 60 million email accounts and another 60 million credit card numbers were hacked via the Home Depot main network infrastructure.  Home Depot, who has been in the news for the past 2 months regarding this issue, blames a Windows vulnerability as the main reason for the data breach.  Now, is this a game of blame shifting?  Is this a way to push the burden of responsibility and place blame on the shoulders of Microsoft?  Where is the accountability to Home Depot to protect customers’ data?  We dissect and provide our opinions.

New deregister iMessage tool

The problem with switching phones, carriers, and devices wasn’t much of an issue…before iMessage came along.  Actually, there has been a lawsuit regarding just this issue!  Well, Apple has now provided assistance to deregister iMessage from phones and connected users.  Check out the show link above and learn a simpler way to deactivate iMessage.

Inventory at Grocery Stores

Random conversations about tech are always the best.  On an unscheduled visit to the grocery store, I had a quick and dirty talk with a grocery store clerk regarding inventory control, the use of texting for grocery lists, and what vendors (at least some) are using to track product in and out of his store.  The results were fascinating and worthy of talking about here.

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