Amazon Echo Show, Ransomware Attacks And Apple R&D Investments

On Episode 354 of The Waves of Tech, we are covering a full slate of technology topics.  We kick off the podcast with Amazon’s announcement of the Amazon Echo Show, their newest in-home entertainment devices which may drive smart home technology integration, shows you news video highlights, allows you to make hands-free video calls, and much more.  Kaspersky Labs, a Russian cyber-security firm is being unfairly questioned by US Senators about their reported role in Russian attacks.  Following that discussion, we dissect another ransomware attack that hit Russian, British, Korean, and French systems last week.  We change direction and discuss how we can get back to the basics of human interaction and emotion, relying less on computing technology and communication.  And finally, Apple is investing heavily in US manufacturing, jobs, products, and salaries which all spells to a future of quality mobile computing devices.  Thanks for tuning in!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Digital Services, LLC continues to dive into the home automation and smart home technologies.  Their latest product – Amazon Echo Show, debuting at $229 and set for release and shipment on June 28, 2017.

  • Watch video flash briefings, YouTube, CNN, AllRecipes, and more
  • See music lyrics, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do, shopping lists
  • Hands-free video calls to friends and family who have an Echo Show or the Alexa App
  • When you buy 2 Show devices, you receive $100 off

Kaspersky Labs Questioned

The meddling of Russia in the USA Presidential election, the recent attackers administered by Russian hackers, and the current political climate is calling into question the validity of a prominent security firm – Kaspersky Labs.

  • Kaspersky is a prominent Russian cybersecurity firm with a HQ in the United States
  • The security giant has repeatedly refuted stories alleging the company worked on behalf of Russian security services
  • Sad that a top notch firm is “guilty by association” simply due to location
  • Several US Senators are questioning the use of Kaspersky software for US contracts

Massive Ransomware Attack

And the hits just keep on coming, don’t they.  Another massive ransomware attack, affecting 150 countries and multiple industries hit again last week.  Many are calling this a wake-up call, but how serious is everyone actually taking this latest attack…

  • ‘WannaCrypyt’ compromised Chinese business, Russian systems, British hospitals
  • It originates within the NSA and exploited a Windows hole, which was patched in March
  • FedEx, Renault and Spanish telecommunications firm Telefonica also hit significantly
  • Protect yourself with having backups, practicing net safety, and keeping your systems up to date

How to Gain Respect at Work Amidst Technology

Let’s say we get back to the basics.  We are flooded with technology at work with e-mail, real-time messaging services, applications, data dumps, online conference calls, and more.  What can we do to get back to being a bit more human at work and at home.

  • Forbes suggests these basic ideas to get back to normalcy and connect with people
  • Listen, Ask Questions, Look People in The Eyes, Speak 1-on-1, Treat People Without Power With Respect, Touch People, and Smile
  • The concept is less technological influence and more human interaction
  • We lose so much emotion and connection when we rely too heavily on technology

Apple Invests In Corning Glass

We often forget how much research and development and investment goes into the products we use day in and day out.  Apple, through its Advanced Manufacturing Fund, has invested over $1 billion domestically in jobs, salaries, manufacturing, and products.

  • Apple just announced a $200M investment in Corning for glass manufacturing
  • Corning was used to manufacture the Gorilla Glass used on iPhones today
  • R&D investments enables and creates the next generation of mobile electronics
  • These investments also sustain,create, and demand high value manufacturing jobs

Mike’s Rant

Geek of the North, a podcast hosted by Mike Dell on the Modern Life Podcast Network, is a podcast focused on “Technology of everything, one episode at a time.”  On his latest show, Mike talks about cord cutting.  The FCC is not requiring TV (or radio) to cover the city and how, Up North here, he can’t even get his local TV station with a 50-foot tall antenna.

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