Amazon Files Suit and National Drone Registry

Amazon ReviewsOn Episode 282 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the Office of Personnel Management security breach and what it means to us personally.  We follow that up with a personal tech challenge, one we hope you join in on, to turn off the cell phone and leave it at home.  Amazon is back in the news as they has taken to the courts to sue thousands that provide fake reviews on their site.  And finally, we dive into the drone discussion again, specifically recreational drone ownership registration.

Office of Personnel Management

The security and personal data breach associated with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has resulted in over 22 million personal accounts compromised.  With Steve’s history in The Air Force and confidential background, the hack hits very close to home.  The OPM sent a letter to those affected by the hack and we happen to be one of the chosen few.  Hear what the letter says and why the frustration continues to rise.

Personal Challenge – Leave Phone Off

Sometimes we get so absorbed with our phones that we often lose a bit of connection with the world that is surrounding us.  And many time, this is not healthy.  So Dave decided to venture into a personal challenge to turn the phone off during many hours throughout the day.  Specifically, turning the phone off and leaving it at home during date nights, while running errands, and other routine tasks.  We talk about the benefits of leaving the phone behind.

Amazon suing over fake reviews

Ever been on Amazon and read some of these reviews on products?  How many times have you noticed these reviews seem suspect and unusual?  Well, people are being paid to write fake reviews on products to improve sellers and manufacturers results on Amazon.  Amazon has filed suit against 1,114 accounts of for offering such services.  Amazon is trying to minimize the influence fake reviews have on results and trying to maintain the integrity of the e-commerce platform.

Drone owners must register; New rifle shoots drones out of the sky

Drones have been a serious point of conversation on the podcast over the past two months and rightfully so.  The Department of Transportation is establishing a national drone registry to track those that own and operate drones, both commercially and recreational.  This is a huge statement in the drone industry, proving that all the recent drone issues are something that is being taken seriously from federal and state governments.

Quarter Bin Podcast

Long time friend of the show, Professor Alan, is doing some great things over at Relatively Geekly Network! Be sure to check out the podcasts on the network including Quarter Bin Podcast, Uncovering the Bronze Age, and Shortbox Showcase.

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