Amazon And Google Fighting And Viral Netflix Tweet

Over the weekend, Dave attended the STEAM Symposium with microphone and recorder in hand.  Hear about the event and what’s coming the next two episodes.  The net neutrality vote is this week and we are all bracing for what the future holds as it is expected that the FCC will rollback regulations governing the access to information and control data via the web.  In a juggernaut battle, Amazon and Google are fighting which is hurting the consumers that use both their products and services.  We cover details on what products and services are being blocked.  In what should not be shocking news but many are seeing it as that, Netflix is collecting, analyzing, and using our viewing habits information.  We explain why people momentarily freaked out about the news.

STEAM Symposium Coverage

Over the weekend, Dave traveled to San Francisco to cover the STEAM Symposium (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics).  The Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation hosts the event and educators and exhibitors from across the United States attend the event to find resources, tools, and support to integrate technology and new techniques focused on STEAM into the classroom.  Upcoming episodes 382 and 383 will include exclusive interviews from organizers, attendees, and exhibitors.  Stay tuned for that the next couple weeks.

The Vote We’ve All Been Anxious About

This coming week, the FCC will vote to roll-back the Obama-era net neutrality regulations, a dream and push of Ajit Pai since his first day as FCC Chairman.  Pai has called the rules “heavy-handed,” claiming the rules have deterred innovation in technology and depressed the expansion of broadband networks.

  • Consumers are very worried about the future of access and the freedom of data
  • The ISPs will be handed over major control of data delivery and speeds of receipt
  • The rollback would no longer regulate the Internet as a basic utility, established in 2015
  • Even after millions of public comments collected, the FCC is moving forward

The Mom and Dad of the Tech World are Fighting!

Well, disputes in technology happen all the time, some more publicly than others.  This week, Amazon and Google are fighting and it is only hurting the consumer.  When they fight, you and I lose.  At its core, Google is restricting YouTube access on Amazon products since Amazon doesn’t sell Google’s products.

  • Specifically, Google is no longer supporting YouTube on Echo Show and FireTV
  • Amazon stopped selling Nest products and supporting Home and Chromecast
  • Millions of FireStick users were sadly prompted with an unavailable screen
  • The power in which Amazon and Google have to control content is threatening

Netflix is Tracking Us, But It Shouldn’t Surprise Us

On December 10, Netflix tweeted regarding a new Netflix Original show and made mention to some analytics and tracking.  After a few minutes, many users considered the tweet to be creepy and invasive.  Many took to Twitter to voice concerns over the element of “big brother is watching over me and my viewing habits.”  Let’s be honest with each other…

  • Whenever you hit “Agree”, your information is being collected and analyzed
  • It is naive to believe that Netflix is not tracking our viewing habits, as all firms do
  • Netflix has not told their users how and to what extent the personal data is used
  • Remember that all websites, apps, and services collect your data at all times


STEAM Symposium

Net Neutrality Vote This Week

Who loses in an Amazon & Google Fight? We do.

The Netflix Tweet That Proves a lot

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