Move Over QVC Amazon Home Shopping Channel Is Here

On Episode 434 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into some really interesting topics this week.  The future of aviation is trying to be disrupted by supersonic flight, but the reality is that traditional commercial flight is safe, profitable, economic, and popular.  Amazon Live premiered this week showcasing a number online products during their live broadcast with the anticipation of taking more eyes from television and providing more options to their customers.  There are some really great apps out there (Truebill, SubscriptMe, Overflow) that can help you track all those pesky subscriptions you have to manage into your finances. A professor in New York came across his childhood Apple IIe that was still working and was able to play some vintage games in front of his children.  Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to keep on techin’.

The Reality of Supersonic Flight

With autonomous vehicles, e-scooters, and electric investment, the transportation industry is in the midst of transition.  One staple of transit is commercial aviation and supersonic startups are trying to disrupt the popular, profitable, and safe system of travel.  But, supersonic flight comes with a number of hurdles, costs, and concerns that make it a questionable option for many.

  • Supersonic flight is very expensive and extremely inefficient on fuel consumption
  • US Congress has outlawed supersonic flight over domestic lands in 1970
  • Over-sea-flight is permitted, but limits the ability for companies to scale their ideas
  • Traditional flight has not been disrupted since its birth, it is safe and cheap (in general)

Amazon Live Premiers, Surprising Many

Okay QVC, it is time to watch out!  Amazon dropped a new service today that may put into jeopardy the status of some traditional television broadcasts.  Amazon Live is a 3-hour show showcasing different products from the e-commerce giant, third parties, and product sellers.  Live will be featuring a number of hosts demonstrating discounted items available to customers.

  • Products include mattresses, home security, kitchenware, furniture, etc.
  • Viewers can scroll through products on display and listen to reviews, comments
  • Amazon Live Creator enables smaller brands to produce live programming from mobile
  • No countdown timers, no pushy sales pitches, no pressure to buy now

How to Manage & Track Your Subscriptions

We live in a time where there is revolution taken place between consumers and satellite cable providers.  People are cutting the cord by the thousands on a monthly and quarterly basis. Now that many of us have several paid subscriptions, some are losing track of keeping up to date with how much we are paying and the overall costs for some of these services.

  • Apps like Trim, Truebill, SubscriptMe, Overlfow, TrackMySubs are good options
  • Some application scan email for invoices and/or connect to bank accounts directly
  • A few subscriptions may add up to more than traditional media if not monitored
  • Consider on-demand video, cloud services, recurring donations, health & fitness apps

Apple IIe in Working Order Still

This is an absolutely amazing story!  John Pfaff, a New York based professor, had a big audience on Twitter last week when he showed off screenshots and videos of a 30-year Apple IIe that is still in good working order.  He found the vintage computer in his parents’ attic after helping his mother clean house since his father passed nearly one year ago.

  • John immediately placed in an old floppy disk, prompting “restore a saved game?”
  • A letter from 1986 written by his father to hime was saved on a floppy too
  • This prompted his children to say, “That’s a computer!” and “What are those?” (floppies)
  • A classic trip down nostalgia lane for many with memories of Apple IIe

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