Microsoft Emergency Update, Amazon HQ2 And Jackpotting

Microsoft issued an emergency update to their softwares after Intel’s  buggy Spectre fix caused spontaneous rebooting, data loss, and complete PC failure.  In their search to find the perfect location for HQ2, Amazon has narrowed the list of cities to 20.  But, many are concerned about the e-commerce giant coming to their city and growing the housing crisis, increasing income inequality, and changing the real estate and affordable housing market.  Jackpotting, the hacking scheme that spits out money from an ATMs as you walk by, is a growing trend in the United States.  Financial institutions using outdated Windows XP software are being targeted.  This is a growing concern since some banking companies are neglecting to upgrade their information technology infrastructure.

Microsoft Responds to Intel’s Buggy Spectre Fixes

In Episode 386, we covered the ins and outs of Spectre and Meltdown.  Intel, one of the leading chip manufacturers in the world, released a very buggy Spectre fix that caused several issues with Windows-based machines.  People experienced data loss, corruption, spontaneous reboots, and even complete failure.

  • In response, Microsoft released an emergency update to protect their users’ systems
  • Intel jumped the gun and released an update without proper testing protocols
  • Industry leaders such as Linus Torvalds of Linux railed Intel for their poor management
  • IT professionals and users are having trouble dealing with loss, rebooting, CPU drag

Amazon HQ2 – Heading to a City Near You

The list has been narrowed down to 20 cities across the United States and Canada.  Amazon HQ2 is scheduled to bring 50,000 jobs, new infrastructure development, real estate investment, and local and state taxes.  That’s the good, but what about the bad.  Many politicians and residents are less than pleased with Amazon potentially moving into their city.

  • Many are concerned with growing the income inequality and affordable housing gap
  • Real estate prices will skyrocket, leaving some without the ability to purchase or rent
  • Failing roadways, highways, transit systems are not suited for an influx of population
  • Major financial and tax incentives are being offered, shifting the tax burden to residents

Jackpotting Their Way Through the United States

Hackers around the world, connected by an intricate criminally organized syndicate, have been using jackpotting over the last several years to hack ATMs in pharmacies and big box retailers.  ATMs are relatively easy targets to hit because several banking institutions neglect to update their technology infrastructure to dealing with this type of hack.

  • After widespread attacks in Europe, the scheme has hit across the US and Canada
  • Banks are running outdated systems that cannot protect against jackpotting schemes
  • Windows XP and Windows 7 softwares are being heavily targeted by hackers
  • It begs the question, why are financial institutions not upgrading their software & systems


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