Letting Amazon In And New Braille Smartwatch

Amazon KeyOn Episode 375 of The Waves of Tech, we are diving into a range of technology topics!  Amazon Key was announced by the online retail giant, which allows customers to authorize access to their homes for the delivery of packages.  Letting Amazon into your home could either be safe or completely insane.  New advancements in the smartwatch industry are offering those with visually impairments an opportunity to own and operate a Braille integrated device.  As customer service continues to take a downward spiral in some tech fields, we are sharing recent service disaster and where it’s going from here.  To wrap up, the Sprint and T-Mobile merger talks have been tabled for now with very little promise in the future.


Letting Amazon Into Your Home – Safe or Insane?

There have been increasing reports of packages delivered to homes being stolen, vandalized, or damaged.  In an attempt to protect their customer’s purchases, Amazon has introduced Amazon Key, a new smart lock and camera system to allow entry into your home.  The system works by scanning barcodes, connecting to the system, and layers of authentication.

  • The setup will cost you roughly $250 out of pocket for the system and installation
  • Amazon Logistics, their in-house delivery program, will initial control entry to home
  • Customer’s trust in the Amazon brand may make or break this new approach
  • Many are citing concerns over personal privacy, security, whereas others are excited

The Newest in Smartwatch Technology – Braille Integration

The technology sector has made clear and evident advancements in improve the overall quality of life for those with a visual impairment or disability.  In-home and in-office innovations have improved communication, access to information, and deepened educational understand.  Now comes the most advanced smartwatch with braille capability.

  • Dot has developed an integrated watch with an integrated app & bluetooth technology
  • Notifications are sent via app with the help of the internal electromagnetic design
  • Date, time, social media updates, phone calls, and more are available via Dot
  • International strides are being made to improve communication for the visually impaired

Dish, Vonage, Spectrum Story – A Nightmare Adventure in Customer Service

Every once in awhile we have to share our personal nightmares of dealing with customer service representatives so as to provide some insight into the growing gap of customer to corporation.  As corporations grow larger and larger, the customer disconnection is growing wider and wider.  Here is a brief of what issues are existing in the industry.

  • Customer reps are no longer demonstrating patience with customers
  • The gap between explaining and connecting with customers is growing day by day
  • Time spent over the phone is proving to be more worthless over time
  • 3rd party technicians and installers are often more helpful than company representatives

The Sprint & T-Mobile Merger Continues to Falter

A few weeks ago, we shared the news that Sprint and T-Mobile were back to the drawing board, considering a merger to collectively compete with the likes of Verizon Wireless and AT&T in the telecommunications space.  As of this week, the talks have ended as the 3rd and 4th largest providers could not come to agreeable terms.  Sprint was not pleased with preliminary talks, citing T-Mobile was demanding too much control in the deal.

  • In 2014, an attempted merger was shot down by the former federal administration
  • Talks reignited as the political landscape changed over the last 12 months
  • Sprint has said it plans to significant investment in infrastructure and growth
  • The ongoing saga of these two providers will linger for the next few years


Amazon Key

The Newest Braille Watch

Sprint & T-Mobile Merger Off For Now


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