Amazon Air Freight And Lyft Partners With GM

Lyft PartnershipOn The Waves of Tech we discuss the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Amazon Air Freight, Lyft partnership with GM and crashing of the FFA drone registration web site.  With Dave relaxing in Hawaii, Steve is joined with Podcaster Mike Dell.  Also covered in this episode AT&T ending its two year contracts and five things that will disappear in five years.

Consumer Electronics Show

CES is in full swing for 2016 the Tech Podcast Network will be providing live coverage.  You can view the event by visiting Podcast Help Desk or TPN.TV beginning January 6.

5 Things That Will Disappear In 5 Years

As technology evolves many devices and utility products fade out.  What items do you think will disappear in the next five years?

Amazon may have a secret air cargo operation called ‘Aerosmith’

Is Amazon starting it’s own Air-freight service? Maybe leasing 20 Boeing 767 cargo jets and has been using five 767 jets out of Wilmington, Ohio called “Aerosmith” (Former Airborne Express Hub).

Lyft, GM Forge $500M Partnership Toward Self-Driving Cars

Lyft and GM have have partnered to develop self-driving cars.  NBC News has reported “Not all of the $500 million will go toward researching an “autonomous on-demand network.” Some of that money will also used to create rental hubs where Lyft drivers can rent cars short-term across the country, as well as integrate GM’s cars and OnStar service with Lyft’s software. “

AT&T to Ditch Two-Year Contracts on 8 January 2016.

The cell phone industry is always changing and AT&T beginning January 8 will no longer have two year contracts.  Instead you must be a part of their Next Plan.  The new plans are installment payments over a period of time for devices.  Next 18 plan, for example, lets customers pay off the latest phone in 24 payments.

Drone Registration Site Outage

Over the past year we have discussed numerous drone issues.  With the FFA now requiring registration, the launch of the site did have its problems, an outage.  Also be sure and check out Rick’s article on drone registration.

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