Amazon Appoints New CEO

On Episode 520 of the Waves of Tech, we are back after a short break to cover and chat about all things tech. Jeff Bezos is stepping down as Amazon CEO in 5 months and Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, is taking the reins in a move that perhaps indicates the future of the e-commerce king. A 90-year old AT&T customer since 1960 took out a quarter-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to voice his displeasure with the company’s internet service. Tech companies’ commercials were front and center during the Super Bowl, highlighting some battles forth coming in 2021. Chowbotics, a robotic salad making vending machine company, has been acquired by DoorDash, signalling a unique partnership in food delivery.

Amazon Appoints New CEO

In an announcement that took many tech enthusiasts by surprise, we learned last week that Jeff Bezos is stepping down as CEO and that Any Jassy will fill the void. Bezos, who started the company as Cadabra in Washington state, plans to serve as the executive chair. Jassy currently serves as the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), pointing to the future of the e-commerce giant.

  • Jassy takes over doing a difficult time – unionization, big tech criticism, litigation, etc.
  • The executive change will occur during Q3 of 2021, succession planning at work
  • After Amazon has built a logistics empire, it’ll be interesting to see where they go
  • Many are making comparisons to the Microsoft transfer of power, quite different though

AT&T Customer Since 1960 Not Happy

It’s not every day that you hear of a customer placing an $1,100 ad in a newspaper to show their disdain for a company. Well Aaron Epstein, 90 years old and a 61-year customer of AT&T, dropped an ad in the Manhattan and Dallas Wall Street Journal prints with an open letter to the AT&T CEO stating the company’s failure to upgrade DSL areas to modern internet service.

  • Mr. Epstein lives in North Hollywood and called “AT&T is now a major disappointment”
  • AT&T provides DSL service but does not upgrade or maintain the infrastructure
  • The use of modern tech, like streaming services, prevents enjoyment for customers
  • Epstein states that speeds promised by AT&T are never met and under performing

Super Bowl Commercials

Every year viewers of the Super Bowl are treated to some very unique, creative, and often funny commercials. This year we noticed several tech companies getting into the broadcast mix from Logitech, Verizon, T-Mobile, DoorDash, and UberEats and entertainment services such as the announcement of Paramount Plus.

  • Logitech featured the creativity of producers, visual artists, creatives, and designers
  • The 5G battle hit home with Verizon and T-Mobile claiming best and fastest coverage
  • Paramount Plus arrives in March which will over a host of original content for viewers
  • During the global pandemic, food delivery services profited and it was on display

DoorDash Acquires Chowbotics

Following up after their Super Bowl commercial investment, DoorDash announced the acquisition of Chowbotics – a salad making robotics vending machine company (words we never thought we’d say or right on the podcast). This is a bit weird to wrap the mind around as it is hard to pinpoint the exact reason the popular food delivery service made this purchase.

  • Food machines are ideal for large campuses – universities, offices, hospitals, schools
  • DoorDash enjoys the idea of providing healthier, fresher foods to a customer base
  • Perhaps these units will be made available inside restaurants for ease of use
  • Chowbotics will operate independently within DoorDash according to reports

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