Amazon Versus California

Welcome in to Episode 104 of Waves of Tech. After taking last week off to build and construct the new studio, we are back and ready to cast! We have another tech filled podcast waiting for you right now.

We start with the battle that has been brewing in California over the past few months. California and Amazon are in a battle over the taxing of goods purchased online. California sees it as an additional revenue stream while Amazon sees it as an attack on commerce and business. What moves have both sides made the past few weeks? Find out now and here our thoughts.

With the Republican primary and the 2012 Presidential Election just around the corner, we thought we could share some of the tech trends in the elections industry. In what ways are local, city, and statewide agencies using tech to enhance the election process and process. We can look at the use of social media, how to use online training to trim costs, what online election poll reporting can do, and many more. The idea is to use tech is a smart, economical, efficient, and effective manner. Join the discussion and tell us what your local jurisdiction is doing in regards to elections.

We conclude the show with a few more topics. The next big move by NASA is The Space Launch System (SLS). SLS is a next0gen rocket that will be the face of American space innovation and exploration for many years to come. The focus is on deep space exploration and using the knowledge of the Space Shuttle program to push the boundaries of space and mind. Finally, catch Steve’s thoughts on the latest Windows 8 product from Microsoft. Aside from fancy screenshots, touch screens, and functionality, what are the implications in the enterprise field here? Find out the answer and all the latest tech news in this week’s episode of the Waves of Tech.

1. The Amazon-California battle; Amazon’s 1-yr reprieve from collecting taxes

2. Buffer App

3. 5 Tech Trends in the Elections Industry

4. NASA unveils new deep space rocket design

5. Windows 8 snapshot


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