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On Episode 540 of the Waves of Tech, we are focusing on surveillance, entertainment, and ambient computing. LendingTree surveyed thousands of home sellers and it was learned that many are using secret cameras to leverage their properties, without consent from buyers and agents. A planned 1,500-person e-sports arena is being constructed in Ohio to draw more attention from the Midwest population, and we think it is a stellar idea. After years of trying to figure out the future of DirecTV, AT&T finally spun off the cable provider from their core business model. Lastly, we are learning more about what Amazon has planned for Alexa in terms of ambient computing and the future of in-home voice functionality.

Using Secret Cameras During Home Sales

Based on a recent survey from LendingTree, a popular online lending marketplace, thousands of home sellers and potential home buyers were aware of some secretive surveillance during the purchasing process. It was fairly shocking to learn that a good percentage of home sellers were utilizing secret hidden cameras to spy on their real estate agents and buyers, all without their knowledge or consent. This leads to several questionable ethical practices from home sellers in the highly competitive residential buying market.

E-Sports Gets Midwest Ohio Boost

Cedar Fair Entertainment, an Ohio-based amusement park, has decided to dive into the world of e-sports and gaming. The far northern city is set to construct a 1,500-person capacity arena to host e-gaming competitions along with nearly 200 gaming stations for visitors. As many amusement parks (roller coasters and water parks) are struggling to entice visitors to parks, this venture into e-sports may be the ticket to garnishing attention and ticket sales.

DirecTV Spinoff from AT&T

Well, we are learning this week that DirecTV is now being spun off from the core business of AT&T. Since the 2014 acquisition, the cable service has done anything but lose customers and notoriety in the industry. The spinoff from AT&T is now official with a 30% investment from a private equity investment firm, TPG. We are fairly convinced this is more of a move associated with finance, bookkeeping, and market share than anything.

Ambient Computing & Alexa’s Future

Even after covering tech for so many years, you learn something new every week. Alexa Live 2021 was an event that focused on Alexa for skill builders, industry solutions, and device makers. We, oddly, did not know this event was going on. The Alexa brand is entirely focused on creating an ideal ambient computing environment within the home setting and building out functionality for businesses to capture in-house needs.


Home Sellers Use Secret Cameras

E-sports Arena coming to Ohio

DirecTV’s Spinoff

Alexa Live 2021

Alexa’s Future

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