An Era Ends at Google And Tech Stories Of 2019

On Episode 471 of the Waves of Tech, we take a moment to look back at some of the top stories of this year including the failure of MoviePass, how AT&T hijacked 5G, poorly ran Congressional hearings, and listening in on voice assistant devices. Google announced some details on their latest augmented reality platform known as ARCore, which boasts incredible capabilities and application. An era is ending at Google as Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping down as executives within the Alphabet organization.

Reliving Some of the Top Tech Stories of 2019

Over the next three episodes, we will be highlighting four to five technology stories from 2019 that made headlines. So much happens in a single year, and this is a great way to recap what worked, what failed, what frustrated, and what mattered.

  • MoviePass shut down after a tumultuous year of financing and customer deceit
  • AT&T stole the 5G tagline, used it to their benefit, and customers bought into it
  • Learned that Congressional hearings on tech companies are a complete farce
  • Every major tech company admitted listening to your voice assistant conversations

Google’s ARCore Has Several Layers of Application

Over the past year, Google has been fine tuning and intensively testing its augmented reality platform – ARCore. The platform is adding upgrades in terms of depth detection, real world interaction, and physics. This means more for your smartphone that you can imagine, bringing a new world into existence that spans several industries around the world.

  • Fashion, cosmetics, healthcare, aviation, home improvement all have use cases
  • This technology helps your phone better understand objects in its near surroundings
  • Demos are not available to the public, but the Depth API is available to developers
  • Google continues to develop web-based functionality and application

Brin & Page Era Ends at Google

The founders of Google – Sergey Brin and Larry Page – are officially stepping away as executives with the company after a two-decade long run at the helm. Wherever they may not be executives, they still hold majority ownership which allows them to continue to direct the company in some fashion as directors on the board of Alphabet.

  • Both are 46 and have left an impressive mark on the technology industry as leaders
  • Established the foundation for what it’s like “working for a Silicon Valley tech company”
  • Sundar Pichai now becomes one of tech’s most powerful people at the age of 47
  • Google is entering a very contentious period of scrutiny and questioning

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