Apartment Scams And CNET 25 Years Later

On Episode 495 of the Waves of Tech, we hit a wide range of technology topics that matter to you. Apartment scamming is on the rise with many renters losing out on thousands of dollars and owners managing fraudulent listings. Apple’s annual WWDC took center stage with iOS 14 updates becoming the focal point for users. For 25 years, CNET has covered the ins and outs of technology, and they recap their work with some unique throwback articles. With summer here, there is a host of new tech gadgets that are begging for our use and money.

Apartment Scamming Continues to Rise

Last week we learned of a friend that settled on a great apartment in Portland. After taking the cross country trip, she arrived at an occupied apartment, lots of questions, and no place to stay. Sadly, she was scammed out of an apartment and security deposit. Without much knowledge of the situation, apartment scamming is a major problem for property owners and renters alike.

  • Many owners state spending one to two hours per day reporting false listings
  • Scammers are developing fraudulent postings, accounts, and stealing photos
  • Renters should ask for ID confirmation, virtual tours of listings, and ownership proof
  • Claims of fraud can be filed with the FTC, FBI, Better Business Bureau, and local police

Apple Makes Major Software Announcements

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference made headlines this week with a major virtual production including a keynote, software releases across devices, and a big hardware announcement. Most notably, iOS 14 is bringing some new looks and features, some that will be all to common with the Android user base. This update will be appreciated by users.

  • Picture-in-picture allows for resizing and movement of video around the home screen
  • Widget Gallery features a redesigned and unique look for most utilized applications
  • Apple will now be producing their own chips, a potential huge cost savings for them
  • The new App Library function automatically organizes apps into groups and lists

CNET – 25 Year Look Back

In a recap of their 25 year history covering the stories and trends of the technology industry, CNET featured a number of technologies and persons that shaped and defined today. Technology has shaped communication, venture capital investment, manufacturing, innovation, and development. Check out the links before for some additional notes and news from CNET.

  • Gates, Yang, Filo, Metnick, Andreesen, Gosling, and Bezos created industries
  • Internet search, operating system, coding, and hacker were soon born into existence
  • WiFi, VPN, Artificial Intelligence, MP3, and quantum computing are now thriving
  • CNET has covered nearly every major event and figure over the past 25 years

Summertime Gadgets For You

When the sun comes out and the temperature rises, many get the itch to pick up some new tech summer time gadgets. We got you covered this season! Whether you are a tech gadget junkie, someone looking to drop some hard earned cash, or finding a way to keep the kids occupied during the pandemic, here are some new and cool gadgets to consider.

  • Monos CleanPod – ultraviolet sanitizing hand held unit to get rid of bacteria and germs
  • PoolCandy Tube Runner – motorized pool floating with three-blade propeller
  • Anker Capsule Projector – soda can-sized projection unit for backyard movie viewing
  • Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite – portable gaming systems fit in your pocket

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