Avoiding App Store Scams, AWS Grant Funding, Amazon Meal-Kit Trademark & Antitrust Concerns

Amazon Vs. Blue ApronOn Episode 362 of The Waves of Tech, it’s the Amazon show!  We kickoff the podcast sharing some quick tips to be aware of to avoid being scammed in your mobile app stores.  Trust us, it’s a real thing.  The rest of the podcast is dedicated to Amazon.  Amazon Web Services handing out 19 grants for funding to improve city’s and businesses’ cloud based tools to improve public and transportation services.  Amazon filed a trademark for a Meal-Kit that created a drop in Blue Apron’s stock by 12%, setting up a potential major move based on Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods.  All this discussion leads to a question – Are there antitrust concerns with Amazon at this point?  Thanks for tuning in!

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Avoiding App Store Scams

Things are getting a bit complicated out there.  We have to be aware of robocalling scams, email phishing scams, website scams, and now…app store scams!  There is no place safe anymore as unethical and black hat developers are hitting app stores to grab your money.

  • Be aware of misspelled app names, knockoff logos, and tag lines
  • Don’t fall for the “Seven day free trial for $9.99” offerings
  • Don’t allow access to all your data, such as contacts, camera, location, etc
  • Protect yourself from having your information stolen and sold to advertisers

AWS Hands Out 14 Grants to Municipalities

Amazon Web Services provides grant funding to municipalities and business to improve their use of cloud based tools and services.  Schools, transportation agencies, law enforcement, and cooperative extensions are improving their information gathering and infrastructure.

  • The grant recognized how local, regional governments are innovating for citizens
  • Louisville Metro received $50,000 for machine learning, real-time traffic data gathering
  • They will build an adaptive traffic flow management system to detect systemic changes
  • 14 city governments and 5 businesses won to improve services via cloud tools

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Amazon Files Meal-Kit Trademark

Last week we covered the Blue Apron IPO.  A few weeks ago we discussed how Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods impacts brick-and-mortar stock offerings.  With Amazon’s Meal-Kit Trademark, Blue Apron’s stock dipped heavily again.

  • The 12% drop is showing investor skepticism of Blue Apron and promise for Amazon
  • The Meal-Kit Trademark is a setup for a more robust Whole Foods/Instacart partnership
  • Most trademarks don’t send shockwaves through Wall Street, this one did
  • Blue Apron needs to respond and respond quickly to investment concerns

Amazon Antitrust Concerns

We’ve talked heavily about Amazon the past few weeks and rightfully so with their continual presence in business acquisition, e-commerce, and the stock market.  But what about the term “antitrust”?  Is Amazon becoming a threat to commerce, equity, and competition?  It is a great question to dive into and ponder whether Amazon is in violation of antitrust regulations.

  • Wall Street & Washington are calling for hearings on The Hill from Amazon executives
  • One US Representative is stating the Whole Foods deal may be decreasing wages
  • A concern that a result in gross inequality in the workplace is occurring
  • CVS is joining suit, showing concern that Amazon may jump into pharmaceuticals

US Representative Quote

In a statement from US Representative David Cicilline, he stated – “Amazon’s proposed acquisition of Whole Foods raises important questions concerning competition policy, such as how the transaction will affect the future of retail grocery stores, whether platform dominance impedes innovation, and if the antitrust laws are working effectively to ensure economic opportunity, choice and low prices for American families.”  We believe this statement sums up the position of which the hearings will be focused.

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