The New iPad And The March Madness App

The entire crew is together and we are talking Apple’s big product announcements, the craziness of March Madness, and Scholastic’s move in the education field. This week Rick Limpert joins the tech crew. Rick is the host of the newest show, The Tech of Sports.

Today Apple announced their latest iPad release and that’s exactly what it’s gonna be called – iPad. No more numbers or sequencing from Apple this go ‘round. The latest iPad boasts an amazing Retina display that makes everything “look crispier and more lifelike,” according to Apple. Text is sharp and colors are vibrant. Another addition is the 5MP i Sight Camera with auto white balance and face detection. Tag on the new A5X chip and you have an amazing tablet for viewing HD content. Get all the technical specs and video demos at Apple. Another reason to celebrate the release of the iPad is that the iPad 2 drops $100 in price, offering up another market of consumers anxious to dive into the tablet experience.

Tech and Sports – what a lovely marriage it makes. Every March, the sporting world gets turned upside down for about three weeks as March Madness ensues. Well, the NCAA and CBS have been working on bringing that craziness directly to your mobile experience. Over the past few years, they have been fine tuning their mobile app to bring you every game, every stat, and every social feed. Each year the app grows in popularity by 60%, bringing more attention to the sport. Tune in as Rick throws out some amazing stats. And in true Waves of Tech fashion, we bridge the gap between tech and your life. Check out the link to the Mobile Sports Report article right here.

Growing up, we all remember the Scholastic magazines. It was fun reading filled with activities, puzzles, illustrations, and cool stories. We can also remember seeing them in dental offices and public libraries. With their niche and fingers in the educational market, Scholastic is now offering up a proprietary platform for eBooks called Storia. Storia brings all the elements of the paper edition into digital form. The platform has a built in dictionary, activities to build vocabulary, and progress tracking so parents and teachers can see how much their children are reading. Download the Storia platform today and grab 5 free e-books, compliments of Scholastic. Some of Jim’s thoughts follow.

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