Apple Announcements And Facebook Apology

We are glad to be back on this week The Waves of Tech 236! On this week’s show, we dive into National Podcast Day – a day that celebrates the podcasting community and the tremendous value we all get from podcasting. With Apple taking center stage, we elaborate on the Apple announcements and how we feel about each item. In conclusion, Facebook has apologized for removing an advertisement paid for by a father trying to raise money for his 2-month son’s health battle. Enjoy the ride and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Apple Announcements

The Cupertino-based tech giant took center stage on Tuesday as they established another new age of tech innovation.  This year, Apple announced the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch.  With the iPhone 6, Apple seems to be slowly embracing the voices of their customers that want with options for size, color, and design.  The Apple Watch proved to be the attention getter.  With a variety of wristbands options and sleek design features, the Apple Watch may be the next wearable to change the game.

99cent Fire Phone

Amazon made news this week, despite the tech media and attention all on Apple.  Amazon announced that the Fire Phone will be offered through AT&T for only 99 cents.  It begs the question, is the Fire Phone selling that bad?  Well, numbers don’t lie and the phone is struggling in sales.  Perhaps access to their e-commerce business, a cheap phone, and a free year of Prime will drive users to experience the Amazon ecosphere.

Goodbye, iPod Classic

The saying goes, “All good things come to an end.”  With the latest round of products from Apple, the company has decided to let go of an original – The iPod Classic.  The unit will no longer be available but it sure does bring a good amount of nostalgia with the end of the product.  Many of us remember when you first saw or used an iPod.  But with innovation comes the end of life for products.

Facebook apology

In an unfortunate turn of events, Facebook removed an advertisement that a father had paid for.  The ad was for his son that was battle a rare disease and wanted to draw attention to the matter and garnish some grassroots movement.  Facebook, through their automated system, rejected the ad based on the image requirements for advertising campaigns.  The social giant has apologized and donated $10,000 in ad funding to the 2-month old’s condition.

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