Apple CEO and 3D Mapping Technologies

Welcome in to Episode #111 with the tech trio of Steve, Dave, and Jim! We have a great lineup of topics for this week’s podcast. We hope you enjoy the podcast. Spread the word and share the podcast with others!

Apple is being taken in a new direction, a direction that we believe means nothing more than an improved product and experience for Apple users. Tim Cook is putting his stamp on his company since taking the CEO reigns. Cook has changed the way in which Jobs used to communicate with his company. Cook now sends out company-wide emails discussing company business and policy. With the introduction of a charitable matching program, Cook is taking Apple into a new philanthropic direction. Check out the other changes Cook is making here.

We are starting to see the evolution of Google Wallet. It started in its infancy as simply a credit card on your phone. As the technology and platform continues to grow, Wallet can now be integrated into rewards cards, discount deals, and consumer alerts. Google has teamed up with Sprint, Samsung, and a host of retail businesses that just may begin to change the way commerce is conducted. Wallet, with its “White List,” is now letting the user create the experience rather than Google created the experience for the user.

There always seems to be a battle between two powerhouse corporations that reaches crisis mode. Case in point – DirecTV vs. News Corp. News Corp wants more money. DirecTV doesn’t want to pay that much. News Corp threatens to pull their programming. DirecTV says let’s make a deal. And in the end…a deal is reached but not after millions of consumers are left to stress, worry, and fret over losing their content. We hash out the details and offer solutions to the never ending cycle of corporations not listening to the consumers.

Finally tonight, mapping technologies and satellite imaging has vastly improved over the past few years. Apple is a company that continues to buy up start-ups as it attempts to bring a new user experience to the mobile industry. We open up the discussion about mapping technologies and relive some of our experiences with the technology. What potential changes are forthcoming that may change the way we, you, and I travel in the coming years? Be sure and check out some really cool, new 3D mapping technologies here.

  1. Tim Cook’s leadership role as CEO
  2. Google Wallet Teams up With Samsung; More information about Google Wallet; PayPal goes with offline payment too
  3. DirecTV vs. News Corp
  4. From Mapquest to 3D Satellite images, how do you use mapping software? Mapping Technology – Big Picture or Step by Step Directions Apple buys Mapping Software Companies


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