Apple FBI Showdown And Airbnb Safety Concerns

FBI iPhoneOn Episode 298 of The Waves of Tech, we celebrate a few significant birthdays.  That’s right!  The Modern Life Podcast Network turns 9 years old on March 1st and Dave celebrates his birthday as well.  As Apple and the FBI battle through the San Bernardino terrorist issues, let’s recount a story of someone that was in that room and we also discuss another FBI request to Apple.  Finally, some Airbnb guests find a dead body during their stay and it highlights some serious safety concerns surrounding the travel startup.

Happy Birthday MLN

On March 1st, we get to celebrate!  The The Waves of Tech turns 9 years old on March 1st.  What started as a father and his sons talking tech has transformed into a podcasting network with 10 shows currently released, many retired shows, a strong social media presence, and connecting individuals with high quality content.  Thanks for the continued support and thanks for joining us through the years.

Real Life Story from San Bernardino Attack

Following up our discussion from Episode 297, Dave shares a story that a coworker David shared.  David has a sister-in-law that was in the room during the San Bernardino terrorist attack happened.  She was forced to lay face down between two of her close coworkers.  As the terrorist approached, the shooter randomly began shooting people in the room.  The shooter stepped to her right and shot the person in the head.  Steps to the left, shoots her other friend.  She escapes untouched but damaged.  Wonder if Apple executives would have a different mindset if their friends or family were in that room?

Another Apple FBI showdown

The domestic debate between privacy, cell phone use, FBI requests, court orders, and encryption rolls on and possibly may head to the Supreme Court for final verdict.  Apple has been requested from the FBI again to crack a passcode on a phone of a meth dealer in the New York area.  The judge denied the motioned to the FBI and securing a win for Apple.  The phone, unlike the other case, is running iOS 7 which doesn’t hold the encryption software by default.  It’s worth noting that Apple has granted access for the FBI nearly 70 times in the past.  Why it is different now, we cannot explain that.

Airbnb guests find dead body

Imagine booking an Airbnb in France.  Gorgeous setting, guy’s trip, awesome view…and a dead body.  That’s exactly what happen to some travelers this year.  The Airbnb residence was set in a wooded area in France, with plenty of property to roam.  During their stay, they found a woman’s body in an advanced state of decay.  Police expect foul play and are currently investigating.  What a story to tell to your friends and what an unusual trip for those guys.

Airbnb issues of safety and inspection

As we investigated the dead found story, we found that several other unusual stories have been surfacing for the giant travel start-up.  In one case, a family lost their father as a result of a tree branch cracking from the trunk and crushing him.  Unfortunately, the man lost his life during their Thanksgiving vacation.  Other stories of a woman dying from carbon monoxide poisoning and owners homes being destroyed and possessions stolen are only a few issues making headlines.  We go through the process of explaining how these things continue to occur and what can be done to prevent future injuries, death, and property damage.

Welcome Home Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly, after a full year at the International Space Station, is coming home!  What an amazing American story.  Scott Kelly, twin brother of fellow astronaut Mark Kelly, will stand as an American hero and name stay for several years.  He was instrumental in furthering space exploration in the face of the cancellation of the Space Shuttle and space travel programs.  Thank you, Scott Kelly, for what you have done.  The knowledge gained from his stay will advance the understanding of space and be taught in classrooms for years to come.

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