Apple Music Growth, Apple Watch Solves Crime, ESPN’s Streaming Service And The End of Passwords

On Episode 397 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into some fresh tech stories that you need to know about.  Facebook Messenger is a great way to communicate, and in this story Steve shares how the application brought together friends that haven’t spoken in 25 years.  Apple Music continues its accelerated growth in the streaming service market, boasting a subscribing base of over 40 million, and becoming more and more competitive with Spotify.  In Australia, a 57 year old victim’s Apple Watch data was used to solve her 2016 murder. ESPN has entered the digital content streaming business with ESPN+, which will offer a variety of sports content to users that do not have a traditional cable package.  Finally, the end of passwords may be on the horizon with the introduction of WebAuthn, a global effort to bring simpler yet stronger web authentication to users. The Waves of Tech is powered by – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

My Facebook Story

With all the uproar associated with the data mining story of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, it’s always nice to share a positive story of social media connecting past relationships.  Steve shares his story of reconnecting with a former Air Force buddy via Facebook Messenger.

  • The daughter of his friend contacted Steve’s wife via the message app
  • The message was brief but stated that his father had once been stationed with Steve
  • After a few confirmation responses, Steve knew this past friendship would reconnect
  • Steve and his friend plan to have a phone conversation over the next few weeks

Apple Music Surpasses 40 Million Subscribers

With several music streaming services and subscription options out there, we often forget about Apple Music.  Users of iOS have not, thought. Apple Music’s growth over the past few years has been excellent, with an accelerated spike over the past 6 months.  With now more than 40 million paying subscribers, the service is proving to be competitive in the space.

  • Spotify has the most subscribers (72 million) but growth has been stagnant of late
  • Apple’s advertising efforts have more than likely pushed more users to use the platform
  • Growth demonstrates tech companies’ ability to launch and manage services
  • Apple is capitalizing on its own user base and growing presence of devices worldwide

Apple Watch Solves Crimes

It is fresh in our minds that our phones and our personal data are often tracked, collected, and aggregated.  And sometimes, law enforcement get involved to use that data and information for criminal cases in the courtroom and investigations.  Also, Apple products always seem to be the center of attention during criminal activity across the United States.

  • A 57 year old victim’s Apple Watch data was used to solve her 2016 murder in Australia
  • Altercation erupted at an Apple Store when a man was accused of stealing headphones
  • A city employee racked up $15,000 of credit card charge buying Apple products
  • Airplane passenger and Apple employee falsely accused of stealing iPhone on flight

ESPN’s New Streaming Service

As is the trend in recent years, ESPN has launched their own sports streaming application – ESPN+.  ESPN+ will provide additional sports broadcasting to those that do not have a traditional cable subscription package and want more sports content to consume.  ESPN has specific contracts with various leagues and sporting partners for only $5 per month.

  • ESPN+ is providing some original programming for soccer and hockey
  • Users will not have access to the ESPN television cable programming
  • This is their move to gain a foothold in the digital streaming market & future of TV
  • The app is laying the foundation for Disney’s coming digital app in mid-2019

Are Passwords No Longer?

Arguably the weakest link in internet security, connected devices, and cyberspace is passwords.  Many users utilize very weak passwords, do not update passwords regularly, use simplified passwords, and willingly share passwords with friends, family, and colleagues.  WebAuthn (web authenticy) is looking to change that and potentially enhance personal security online.

  • The new standard received near final approval from the World Wide Web Consortium
  • Mozilla, Google, Microsoft are embracing the standard and shifting in its direction
  • WebAuthn offers an additional layer of scrutiny and security to us while browsing
  • This is a global effort to bring simpler yet stronger web authentication to users

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