Apple Keeps iPad Locked, Tesla Building SUVs And Ford Hiring Connectivity Engineers

On Episode 348 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into a huge variety of topics that influence and impact our daily lives.  First up, we debate the story of Apple refusing to unlock the iPad of a deceased 18-year old so that his family can have access to his photos and videos.  Next, Tesla continues it’s grand movement in the auto industry with the lofty goal of manufacturing nearly 25,000 SUVs in the near future.  Continuing in the auto industry, Ford is hiring nearly 400 mobile connectivity engineers to help the company move into vehicle-2-vehicle communications and autonomous cars.  Next, Facebook jumps into the crowdfunding business with their newest Personal Fundraisers feature.  And finally, a controversy in women’s golf draws attention to the influence live television is having on the purity and officiating of the game.  Thanks for tuning in!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Apple Won’t Unlock Dead Son’s iPad

Apple has consistently stood firm on its pro-privacy stance for individuals and their devices, regardless of death or terrorism.  The family of an 18-year old that recently based away from the effects of bone cancer is the next victim in Apple’s staunch stance.

  • Apple refused to unlock boy’s iPad without proper certifications in hand
  • The boy’s last wishes are locked, with family unable to access videos and photos
  • Four months have passed and the family may have to seek court action to gain access
  • Apple’s policies need to have some flexibility in cases such as death and trauma

Tesla Making as Many SUVs as Sedans Now

We have all seen and all know of Tesla’s beautiful sedan electric vehicles.  But did you know that Tesla manufactured nearly 12,000 SUVs in Quarter 3 of 2016 and projects over 25,000 in 2017?

  • Capturing the SUV market is a smart and strategic move on Tesla’s part
  • The new-age, environmentally friendly company is building as many SUVs as sedans
  • Tesla continues to build three more of their giant battery facilities, known as Gigafactories
  • Tesla continues to integrate solar production and power manufacturing in their process

Ford Hires 400 Mobile Connectivity Engineers

The automobile industry is no longer simply constructed of manufacturing jobs and the output of vehicles.  With vehicles becoming increasingly integrated with technology, the industry and in turn job market is changing.

  • Ford is hiring connectivity engineers for developing Vehicle-2-Vehicle communications
  • Ford and other leaders are poaching talent and setting up shop in Silicon Valley
  • Research & Development is a major component of automobile manufacturing now
  • Many auto companies now have corporate offices and facilities in Silicon Valley

Facebook Introduces Fundraiser Feature

Facebook is now entering the crowdfunding business with the introduction of “Personal Fundraisers.”  The new feature makes a lot of sense for Facebook to enter, as many of our friends and family take to Facebook for relief, assistance, and comfort.

  • Fundraising available for education, emergencies, crisis relief, medical issues, funerals
  • Facebook will take 6.9% fee for using, along with 30 cents per donation
  • Fees will go for payment processing fees, fundraiser vetting, security and fraud protection
  • The feature is for people aged 18 or over, available in beta over the next few weeks

Golf Controversy and Live TV

In an unusual twist of the golf game, Lexi Thompson (LPGA golfer) was assessed a 4-stroke penalty after a television viewer emailed LPGA officials of an infraction of the golfer.

  • Thompson replaced her ball an inch away from its original position on a 1-foot putt
  • The penalty was assessed after officials deemed the ball placement illegal
  • This is the first time we can recall hearing that a viewer has influenced outcomes
  • Officials and golfers should be policing the game rather than viewers


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