Apple Leaked Memo, Amazon Prime Rate Hike and T-Mobile & Sprint Merger

Apple has issued a memo (which was in fact leaked) warning employees that the leaking of confidential and sensitive information is punishable with termination, fines, jail time, and more.  The cost of your Amazon Prime membership has been increased by 20% after Amazon executives stated that more digital, shipping, and delivery options are rising in cost. T-Mobile and Sprint announced a multi-billion dollar merger that would instantly rank the new company as the second largest mobile provider in the nation.  With the promise of 5G investment and better capabilities, the industry may be in for a major shakeup.

Apple Employees Warned – Stop Leaking Information

Since 2012, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has maintained a position that leaking of information about the company is not welcomed and severe consequences may result.  Last year alone, 29 people were fired from their jobs for leaking intimate details about products, with 12 people being arrested due to their actions.

  • Some employees are facing potential jail time and substantial monetary fines
  • Individuals are being charged with theft of trade secrets and network intrusion
  • Apple is trying to protect intellectual property and their profit margins
  • Leaked information damages a products image, its sales, and helps rival companies

Amazon Prime Membership Jumps 20%

After a quarterly earnings call, Brian Olsavsky (CFO of Amazon) announced the $99 membership would be increasing to $119 in the coming months.  The online retail giant provided little reasoning behind the price hike, citing that memberships benefits continue to rise. Members are having mixed feelings about the price increase, some are cancelling and others are staying put as members.

  • Some argue that Amazon and CEO Bezos are rich enough and no increase is needed
  • Others argue the benefits outweigh the cost when it comes to membership
  • Many families are holding, due to e-books, digital content, and music streaming
  • A complete list of 22 Prime membership benefits is provided in the links below

Sprint & T-Mobile to Become 2nd Largest Mobile Provider

In an announcement on Monday, T-Mobile and Sprint are teaming up after coming to terms on a $26.5 billion merger agreement.  The new company would instantly slot in between Verizon and AT&T as the number two mobile network company in the United States.  With the promise of “lower prices, faster speeds, and better capabilities”, the future of the wireless and mobile industry is in for a shakeup.

  • T-Mobile is promising significant investment in 5G wireless technologies
  • Look for T-Mobile to buy up a few entertainment companies to rival Verizon, AT&T
  • Consensus is that the FCC and Justice Department have no reason to not approve
  • The new company will boast nearly 100 million customers after the merger

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