Apple Versus FBI And Protecting Your Online Image

Apple Versus FBIOn Episode 297 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the latest hot topic technology issues, share our positions, and tell you want you need to know about them.  The biggest news is the Apple versus FBI saga that continues to dominate headlines, where privacy and national security square off.  In related news, a California is being brought forth that would ban encrypted smartphone sales in the state.  And finally, we dive into protecting your image online and share some more bad Yahoo news that results in the loss of 300 jobs.

Protecting Your Image Online

Over the weekend, Dave pulled a prank on Steve and posted a picture on Facebook of Steve holding a fan with a case represented his, let’s say, no so popular NFL team the Green Bay Packers.  Whereas we all got plenty of laughs and the comments flew in, it was a simple exercise that demonstrates how easily someone else can change your image and create an identity and persona of you.  For someone that doesn’t know Steve’s love of the Oakland Raiders, he is now pegged as a Packers fan.  One post can change that.

Apple v the FBI; How an iPhone became the FBI’s public enemy number one (FAQ); Billions at stake in Apple encryption case

The iPhone has become the FBI’s number one target, according to many reports.  After the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the FBI has possessed the terrorist’s phone without gaining access to it.  Based on a court order, Apple is to decrypt the phone and allow access to the data for the FBI to investigate and analyze.  Apple has dug in their heals and is not playing along, citing personal privacy concerns and the potential loss of billions of dollars if they cave.  The FBI is citing national security and the fight against terrorist trumps privacy concerns.  The issue has been discussed on the Presidential campaigns and in every news outlet.  With so many nuances and variables in the situation, where does one stand on the issue and how does the FBI proceed without the cooperation of Apple.  Find out where we stand on the issue.

California Bill Would Ban Encrypted Smartphone Sales

In a ludicrous, knee jerk reaction to the FBI-Apple debate, a California assemblyman is proposing a bill that would ban encrypted smartphone sales in the state.  We both agree this is a ridiculous idea and will never see the light of day.  However, consider what we would expose ourselves to if encrypted phones were not sold – thousands of thieves and hackers would have much easier access to personal information, financial statements, and private email and text communications.  No one, in their right mind, would buy a phone without encryption capabilities as a feature.

Yahoo Shuts Down Digital Magazines, Cuts 300 More Jobs

Yahoo, a tech company that continues to struggle without their identity.  In a recent blog post, Yahoo announced the closure of several digital content efforts, including their food, health, markers, parenting, real estate, travel, and auto.  As a result, 300 jobs are being cut in the San Francisco, Burbank, Sunnyvale, and Los Angeles offices.  Staying true to form and being committed to what Yahoo said last year, they are trimming the company to focus on their core competencies – News, Sports, Finance, and Lifestyle.

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