Apple Watch Dethroning Rolex and Madden NFL Super Bowl Prediction

Apple Watch Dethroning RolexOn Episode 294 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into a variety of tech topics ranging from the cell phone market, smart watches, and the Super Bowl.  On the cell phone discussion, we examine recent news regarding the all-time lowest sales report of the Windows Phone and how Microsoft has failed to compete in the industry.  Also, we give some focus to the “It Can Wait” campaign from AT&T and the importance of driving distraction free.  The Apple Watch is in a new level of conversation – the luxury watch conversation.  And finally, we dive into a cool AT&T story that we experienced and then we predict the winner of Super Bowl 50.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

It’s game over for Windows Phone as device sales hit an all-time low

It comes as no surprise that Microsoft has miserably failed in the smartphone market.  Steve Ballmer famously stated that the iPhone was not a concern and not to worry the future.  Well that didn’t set the company up well because their sales of Window Phones is down 57% in only one year’s time, an all-time record low.  So what is the answer for Microsoft to get into the smartphone business and be success?  That may lie with CEO Nadella’s perspective – made sure those using Microsoft services have access to their services regardless of the device they may be using.

Apple Watch Dethrones Rolex in Luxury Brands Ranking

When you think about luxury watches we think of Rolex and other high-end brand names.  One name new to the conversation is none other than the Apple Watch.  Yep, Apple!  It seems that many professionals are substituting the luxurious and decadent watch style with the higher end and quite functional Apple Watch.  As the workforce continues to adapt to technological innovation, so does the manner in which we express our technological interests.  Fashion and tech are quickly becoming a main topic of interest in the workplace.

Steve’s AT&T Story

During his recent quest to change his longtime number to a local one, Steve came across some interesting facts about the cell industry.  His wireless carrier informed him that no more phone numbers with his preferred area code was available, leading him to purchase a local number online.  Something new, right?  During the adventure of changing his number, he heard an advertisement for AT&T’s DriveMode app.

AT&T DriveMode

AT&T DriveMode® is a free app that silences incoming text message alerts so you can keep your eyes on the road and stay focused while driving. For AT&T post-paid customers, it sends an auto-reply letting the sender know you’re behind the wheel. The app turns on automatically when you’re driving 15 MPH or more and turns off shortly after you stop. Parents with young drivers can receive a text message if the app is turned off.

Super Bowl 50 and the winner is…

In a relatively new Super Bowl tradition, EA Sports and the Madden NFL 2016 crew took to the popular game to simulate and predict the big game between the Panthers and the Broncos.  Over the past 5 seasons the prediction came true 3 times and actually predicting the exact score and winner of Super Bowl 49!  Pretty impressive we say.  So on that note, Steve predicts the Panthers to lift the trophy while Dave is routing for the Broncos.

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