Apple Year In Review And Amazon Delivers Booze

Apple Year In Review

On Episode 288 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into several technology topics that you may not hear on other podcasts…and that’s why we stand out!  We review the year that Apple had which involved a load of new product and services, unusual from the tech-consumer giant.  We dive into the world of Amazon and how they are bringing booze to our doorsteps this holiday season.  Next, a recent study has shown that some text messaging is being seen as “less sincere”.  To end the show, we talked about a Hello Barbie doll that is vulnerable to hacking and a sports media giant that is granting mobile access to major sporting events.  Thanks for tuning into the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Apple iPhone again dominates 2015

2015 – the year of Apple!  Well, that doesn’t sound out of the ordinary but it was.  Apple took an unusual path this year compared to previous years.  Apple released a number of products and services to consumers, including Apple Watch, Apple Music, Apple TV, iPad Pro, and more.  That’s clearly a new pace and approach for the tech giant.  In the past, Apple focused on two products – iPhone and iPad.  As Apple throws more and more products and services into the mix, it seems that consumers and the market are able to handle to influx.  We don’t foresee another 2015 from Apple…but we have been surprised before!

Amazon Now Does One-Hour Booze Delivery in Manhattan

Amazon + Booze Delivery = Holiday Cheer!  Amazon is bringing holiday cheer and booze delivery to the Manhattan area this Christmas.  After a successful roll out in Seattle the past year, the beer, wine, and spirits delivery demand has reached New York.  For only $8 (free for Prime members), Amazon will hand deliver your choice of alcohol to your doorstep.  Sometimes the simplest things in life can bring us so much holiday joy!

Drop the Dot: Periods Makes Text Messages ‘Less Sincere,’ Study Finds

Over one hundred undergraduate students conducted research associated with one-word text messaging replies.  The research indicated that messages sent and received that had the period missing where interpreted as “less sincere”.  It’s an interesting study because it lays the foundation for current and future communication studies.  Our ways and means of communication have evolved.  We interpret with nonverbal cues, assume based on emoticons, and overthink when we don’t receive texts in a timely manner.  Although we don’t entirely agree with the “less sincere” label, it’s worth a debate and conversation.

Hello Barbie is hackable, exposes children’s conversations with the doll

We have talked more and more about the toy manufacturing industry of late, as the technology becomes more integrated into the design of many toys.  The Hello Barbie toy, fit with WiFi connectivity and voice recognition technology, is vulnerable to hacking.  As the child speaks to their doll, the doll responds and conversations are constructed.  Since the Barbie is ran via the iOS or Android app, the data (conversations) are stored in servers.  Bluebox has since declared Mattel’s servers as susceptible to security vulnerabilities.  Any interest in picking up a Hello Barbie for your child this holiday season?

Live-streaming goes mainstream

In order to keep up with new media trends, traditional media is learning how to adapt to a new mobile-based, mobile-focused preference.  ESPN recently announced that many of their major air sporting events are available via their app and WatchESPN app without restriction.  For consumers, this is a major win!  They can watch football and basketball games, soccer and tennis matches, and college football powerhouse matchups via their mobile platform of choice.  Yes, it’s way late in the evolution in mobile technology but it’s finally here.  So we can now sit back, relax, and watch sporting events while at work!

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