Sharing Apps For Home And T-Mobile’s John Legere

On Episode 486 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into some topics surrounding the existing public health crisis and how technology is taking a different angle. With limited access to applications and software, collaboration may be limited for work projects and we share multiple screen sharing and remote access apps to assist you. Infrared temperature body scanners are in high demand right now as employees seek to protect their workers, maintain the manufacturing process, and serve the needs of a nation. As the Sprint and T-Mobile merger completes, we now see John Legere stepping away as the most controversial and dynamic executives in the mobile communications industry.

Free Screen Sharing Apps for Home

Many of our work environments instantly switched from the office space to the home office, which has caused many to work without their usual run of applications and software. Many do not have their work tools at home. In an attempt to be more collaborative, many are trying to find screen sharing apps to share reports and documents with co-workers and bosses.

  • Dead Simple, Mikogo, Screenleap, Discord, Proficonf are some options out there
  • Remote access is possible through Show My PC, Any Desk, and LiteManager
  • Screen sharing assists with client communications, marketing meetings, etc
  • Several companies are offering free services in response to COVID-19

Infrared Temperature Body Scanners in Demand

As many manufacturing plants and transportation hubs continue to maintain status quo during the current health crisis, employers are finding new ways to protect their process as well as their work force from the unhealthy. Tyson Foods has deployed walk-through temperature body scanners to screen employees as they enter into production facilities. This raises the question, what tools will be in high demand in future and what companies will jump on the bandwagon?

  • Tyson Foods is a major contributor to the food chain supply across the United States
  • FDA does not endorse these items as medical devices but open to hearing results
  • Many Aisan airports installed such scanners during the SARS outbreak of 2003
  • UPS is considered the installment of body scanners in their 2,200 facilities

John Legere Changed the Mobile Communication Game

With the news of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger being complete, it announces the arrival of the 3rd largest mobile communications company in the United States behind Verizon and AT&T. It also means the end of an era for the loud mouth, unapologetic, and dynamic John Legere, now former CEO of T-Mobile. His contribution to the mobile industry cannot be understated.

  • Legere broke from the contract mold, offering no contracts and fixed payment structure
  • He opened up earnings calls to Twitter fans and the general T-Mobile customer base
  • Routinely was outspoken on the poor quality of service from telecom competitors
  • Legere largely embraced social media unlike any previous or existing executive

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