Apps For Students and Apple Boosts Hiring of Women

On Episode 278 of The Waves of Tech, we have another great mixed bag of tech topics for you. As everyone begins to head back to school, we provide a number of free apps for students, parents, and educators that may help enhance the educational experience. As the consumer mobile telecom industry begins to change, so to must the companies. AT&T announced changes to bolster their mobile data plan structure and Sprint now offers the “iPhone Forever” plan as well. Apple is staying true to their commitment to diversity by hiring more women and underrepresented minorities into the company. We conclude with a story of the changing online mortgage process with a real life story. Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

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Free Apps for Students

Students and educators will be filling the halls and playgrounds of schools this week.  So, here we provide some free apps out there for students and educators to use to enhance the educational experience, improve writing and language techniques, and prepare the student for success.  They include, Duolingo, Google Earth, Khan Academy, Evernote, and Microsoft Office.  Students are sure to succeed when integrating technology into the learning process.  Be sure to check out the link above for a detailed look at other free apps for students.

AT&T bolsters mobile data plans to keep pace with rivals; iPhone forever

T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon have made changes to their data plan structuring and phone offerings over the past few months.  Late to the party was AT&T.  In order to keep pace with the changing industry and consumer interests, AT&T bolsters their mobile data plans in hopes of keeping customers within their family of offerings, including their network of streaming options, cell service, ISP, and U-Verse.  In related news, Sprint has announced the “iPhone Forever” plan that will allow users to pay a monthly rate to secure the next iPhone when it’s released.  The price is estimated to be $22 per month.  Many will pay but the question is…will you?

Apple Boosts Hiring of Women

Since the emergence of TIm Cook as Apple’s CEO, diversity has been a topic of interest and investment.  Apple delivered their annual Diversity Report showing that the company hiring an additional 11,000 women, 2,200 Hispanics, and over 2,200 Hispanics into their workforce.  This is all great news for an industry that is constantly trying to address a significant deficiency.  More work can be done in positions like engineers and programmers, which are completely dominated by white and Asian men.  To demonstrate their commitment to diversity, Apple has donated $50 million to the cause of recruiting more women and minorities into the tech industry.

Online Mortgages

When most of us purchased or refinance our homes, the process was long, arduous, and painful.  Many of us spent hours and hours talking to lenders, title firms, and inspectors during the home-buying process.  With the innovation behind website development, online customer services, and secure portals, online mortgages are becoming simpler and simpler.  Steve runs us through his experience with Quicken Loans, which proved to be a very hassle free experience.


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