Apps How And Why We Use Them

It’s all about applications on this episode of The Waves of Tech! Applications – how we use them, why we use them, and why we buy for them. We dive into our favorite latest and greatest apps across our multiple platforms. Ad-supported applications and in-app purchases are drawing plenty of debate across the industry so we take a stand on the practice. Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Podcast Awards

The Waves of Tech is pleased to be a finalist in the Technology category of the 2015 Podcast Awards.  This makes two years running!  Head to and vote once a day!

NASCAR and the Ticketmaster Experience

Steve and his daughter traveled to Las Vegas to experience the live NASCAR experience.  While there, Steve was able to explore and identify some new technological advancements.  These range from use of iPads for data collection and engine analysis to in-car video/audio integration with television broadcasting.  Also, Ticketmaster has changed their pick-up process which caused some heartburn with Steve.

Let’s Talk Apps

For the last 20 minutes of the podcast, we dive into all things apps.  We talk about the latest and greatest apps we are using.  These range from productivity to music to podcasting to sports.  When it comes to spending money on apps, what process do you go through in making that decision?  Some of us look for value, while some look for functionality and business reasons.  The conversation morphs into a discussion about the paid app, the ad-supported app, and our feeling about in-app purchasing.  It’s important to do our homework when it comes to buying apps and that including checking out the reviews from current and past users.


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