iPad Birthday And Atari Hotels

On Episode 477 of the Waves of Tech, we are here and ready to talk some tech! Apple announced a new partnership with health clubs and gyms that provides perks and discounts to their users called Apple Watch Connected. Ten year ago, Steve Jobs announced the 9.7-inch iPad that would revolutionize the tablet and portable sector of the industry. Atari has signed a contract with a developer to create multiple video game themed hotels around the United States, providing a go-to spot for e-sports events and tournaments. Lastly, Nintendo announced the end of manufacturer repairs to their ever popular Wii console that will surely cause headaches for their users.

Apple Watch Connected

Without question, one of the most popular health wearables is the Apple Watch. The Silicon Valley giant recently announced their Apple Watch Connected programming, an incentive program in partnership with specific health and fitness clubs. Apple Watch users can workout and earn perks such as gift cards, discounts on memberships, and much more.

  • Each gym has come up with their own incentive program and specific perks
  • One CEO stated 75% of their club’s user base is already fitted with Apple Watch
  • This is spurring on specific app development for health clubs and YMCAs
  • Personal fitness data, in accordance with Apple guidelines, is never shared

How the iPad Shaped Today

Ten years ago this week, Steve Jobs took center stage and presented the perfect device – the iPad. It was the perfect go-between from someone’s mobile phone and the larger desktops people were using. The tablet device would go on to sell well over the projected amount in the first iteration and reach global units sold to over 350 million.

  • 2013 proved the most profitable year for Apple, selling 71 million iPads
  • The tablet was in response to the lack of portable netbooks in the market
  • The product eventually spawned the creation of other touchscreen laptops
  • iPad was as successful as Jobs anticipated and brought a new browsing experience

Book Your Video Game-Themed Destination

The video game industry is not usually covered in too much detail on the podcast. However, when the news of a video game branded hotel hits the headlines, we talk about it! Atari has inked a real estate developer deal to construct and build a destination hotel for gamers to host gaming tournaments and e-sports events. Hotels coming in 2020-2021.

  • Cities include Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, San Jose, Las Vegas, and Denver
  • Hotels to include meeting rooms, theaters, co-working spaces, and gaming infrastructure
  • The market is, obviously, for gaming enthusiasts and business ventures, not so obvious
  • Atari set to receive 5% of hotel and business revenue from the development deal

Nintendo Wii Repair & Replacement

To hit on the gaming industry twice is a bit of a rare feat on the podcast, but the news warrants discussion. Nintendo announced this week that the Japan-based firm would no longer be repairing Wii consoles after March 31. Nintendo is pushing owners to reach out to their support branch for assistance but warn that purchasing a replacement unit is in the future.

  • The gaming company states parts availability as the major problem here
  • Refurbished items can be purchased from their online store or through auction sites
  • Perhaps this is a slight push away from the Wii and into the Switch product line
  • Wii sold 101 million units, ranking it as their top selling in-home game console

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