A&TT Shared Data Plans, Major OS Releases, and Renting eBooks

Steve expresses his strong dislike for the cell phone industry while Jim is pretty happy because the cell phone industry saved him some money.  Dave takes the side that we are all responsible for what the cell industry is doing.  In addition to some mobile talk, there are some major operating system announcements to make (Windows 8, Mountain Lion,iOS 6 and Jelly Bean).  We finish up with a little recap of the eBook business over the past few years and a discussion on the importance of libraries in the eBook movement.

Shared Data Plans between devices – ATT & Verizon

AT&T and Verizon are following in each others footsteps. Both cell phone giants have introduced their own version of the shared data plan concept. With so many people using multiple devices along the same network, it was time for the industry to adjust and change direction. This decision is acceptable to some because they in fact will save money while others find it unacceptable because it means a price hike on their monthly cell bill.

Major OS releases coming soon

  • iOS 6
  • Android Jelly Bean
  • Windows 8 (mobile)

 Local Libraries now renting eBooks, eBook popularity

Without question, the eBook business is thriving. Certain genres of eBooks are now outselling traditional hardcover books. With an annual business model generating over $2 billion, the eBook movement is nowhere near slowing down. So, it makes sense that local libraries are now offering eBook as part of their business approach. Get all the details as Jim and Dave breakdown the underlying importance of books in the quality of life in local communities.

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