Audi Q7 And Gesturing With Your Levi’s

On Episode 268 of The Waves of Tech, we discuss the latest in in-car technology, the growth of tech in Washington DC, and another Google partnership.  Audi is breaking all the in-car tech rules, throwing in detachable tablets, in-car WiFi hotspots, and an adaptive cruise control system.  Washington DC continues to prove to be a growing area for tech startups and innovation.  The reasons include military and defense contracts, health care rollout, and a focus on enterprise.  Finally, we investigate the Google and Levi partnership.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech

Audi’s latest Q7

The new Audi Q7 has everything and then more.  The sleek, modern SUV boosts plenty of tech and plenty of style.  In-car technology includes detachable tablets, an adaptive cruise control system, and upgraded navigation features.  With the installation of a built-in 4G SIM card, the Q7 becomes a rolling WiFi hotspot.  These new features will allow the driver and passengers to control audio settings and navigation systems.  If you are a tech in-car enthusiast, you may considering purchasing a Q7 now!

Washington DC – The Growth of Tech

When you think a tech hubs nationwide, you may think of San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and Indianapolis.  Well, welcome Washington DC to the conversation.  The growth of tech is attributed to many factors – a focus on enterprise rather than the consumer, large military and defense contracts, and multi-billion dollar cyber-security contracts.  Let’s not forget the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and the associated tech startups.  In 2014, 80 of every 1,000 people were employed in the tech business.

Smart Pants by Google and Levi’s

Alright, this may be taking it too far.  Smart pants that control your phone and your music volume.  Google and Levi are partnering to make a 21st century pair of pants with special yarn woven into the fabrics to control your Android system.  Can you imagine the looks people will be getting when you seeing them swiping and playing with their pants!?  So bizarre to think that tech has truly infiltrated the fashion sector in this way.

Woman tosses Apple computer that turns out to be worth $200G

After a woman’s husband sadly passed, she decided to clean out some of his old stored items in the garage.  Not to her knowledge, she donated several old collectibles, one of which was 1-of-200 Apple I computers ever made by Jobs, Wozniak, and Wayne.  The Apple I was auctioned for $200,000!  The charity received half the funds and is awaiting the woman to come forward and claim her $100,000 that is rightfully hers.  What a crazy story!

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