Autism and Technology

Welcome in to Episode 105 of Waves of Tech, the tech podcast dedicated to providing you with relevant tech-based information for your life. This week, we cover Stitcher Radio, Autism & Tech, YouTube 3D, Facebook and more.[


Stitcher is talking talk radio to a new level. Within nearly $20 million in the new funding, they are in process of transformer your iPhone into a talk radio receiver. This is a great strategic move for Stitcher and we tell you exactly why.

In terms of technology and employment, Aspiritech has found a perfect marriage with the testing of software and those that have Autism. Autistic individuals have several skills suitable for employment but are often hindered by social, interview, and behavior skills. Aspiritech provides a welcoming work environment for these individuals. Check out this great story of how tech is positively influencing job creation.

Now on to YouTube. YouTube is rolling out a Beta version of 3D video streaming, opening doors to another Internet browsing experience. With new partnerships with Magistro (video editing) and Vlix (effects/title Editing) in place, YouTube is posed to bring about major change to their social network. More news includes removing the 15 minute limit for hosted content, something that could open more doors for content providers and podcasters alike.

Finally, we discuss a few other topics. The Apple event scheduled in October and it’s the coming out party for CEO Tim Cook and the potential exposure of the newest iPhone. Facebook has messed around with their News Feed settings again and has irritated nearly all of its users. Is it legit? And finally, the solar industry has erupted in the States. Check out the details about a massive solar project in New Jersey that provides economic and environmental benefits in the long-run.

1. Stitcher raises 10 million dollars for talk radio
2. Apple event October 4th
3. Company hires adults with autism to test software
4. Youtube converting 2D to 3D and removing 15 minute limit
5. Facebook news feed faces backlash
6. 2.1 megawatts of solar


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